Poore being sued for defamation?Please say no.

Someone left a message on the answering machine that I was being sued for defamation.

10 reasons not to sue Bill

1.I’m and old man on medication.

2.Quinn Hooks may have gotten into my computer and de-famed someone.

3Chadwick Ivester made me say it.

4.I can’t go to jail.I have a “basheful”bladder and cannot “make water “with someone looking on.

5.I can’t sleep if there is a lot of noise.

6.My nerves are bad.

7.Whatever I said that defamed you,I was just kidding.

8.I’m Running for Second Vice Presidentof the SCBSC.

9.I am mentoring 3 young pastors and one of them owes me $150.00


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6 Comments on “Poore being sued for defamation?Please say no.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Admit it you are someones hatchet man! I want in for 178 million for the wine comment!

  2. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Reason #11
    Orange is just not Bill’s color!

  3. Hans Wunch Says:

    Bill that check I gave you the other day should cover some of your court costs 😀

  4. pastorinthewoods Says:

    10 reasons why hottub has not already been sued.

    10. He defames those who take the text seriously about not suing a brother.
    9. He pays high profile lawyers to intimidate using the seminary money he has made through “mentoring” activities.
    8. When he gets in trouble he uses the sweetness of Patsy to talk his way out of it.
    7. He uses the”heart attack” excuse
    6. A convenient car accident occurs and he uses the”eyesight” excuse.
    5. He talks alot about his family history in the nervous hospital.
    4. He cannot be found because he is at some mysterious “Bible conference”.
    3. He uses the bivocational excuse.
    2. He emails a picture of himself with Wunch to show his muscle.
    1. Preachers don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer.

  5. Someone once said,To know Bill is to “love”Bill.I wish you men who demean Bill really knew the real Bill.

  6. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Would it help that I know a preacher who is a lawyer? 🙂

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