Dr.Dwight Easler

Dwight Easler has a new web

Dwight and his wife Tabitha came to SEBTS fresh off their honeymoon.He happened to rent a trailer close to Good Hope church where I was pastor.He and Tabitha visited our church and received a warm welcome even though they resided in a trailer park renting a trailer.Dwight discovered that I too was from S.C.He and Tabitha joined our church(under watch care) and both proved to be a blessing.

I was working as a facilitater in Supervised MinistryAt SEBTS($500)a semester.Two days a week I was in a class room setting leading in discussion papers students had written.(they had all the answers).

Dwight served with me in our church for 10 weeks which was a part of the Supervised ministry program.We also met for one hour twice a week for study and evaluation.Dwight preached,taught,baptized and was in charge of one communion service.He did well.On a scale of 1-10 Dwight is an 11.

For the past two years I have been a field supervisor or mentor to  Dwight as he pursued the D.min degree at NOBTS.In a few weeks he will receive that degree.

Then NOBTS will present me a check for $150.00.Dwight told me that he wished it could be more.I replied,”me too.”I had hoped in vain that Dwight would write me a cashiers for the $150(I don’ take personal checks from pastors)and then I would sign over to him the check for $150.00 that I would receive from NOBTS.That,unfortunately,was not to be.

Dwight and Tabitha now have three boys and he serves Corinth Baptist Church in Gaffeny,S.C.

Check out his new web sight.

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2 Comments on “ Dr.Dwight Easler”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Thank you for the kind description. I appreciate you not telling the accounts of all the visits I made while at Good Hope which resulted in no one coming and the baptismal service in which I baptized one person with my right hand and the other person with my left hand. That experience came in very handy a few times.

  2. Dwight,
    I also failed to mention that when you were in charge of the communion,service Cal Guy,Professor at SEBTS ,who was visiting with us that sunday,would not partake of the elements because he believed in “closed communion.”Seems I recall that you drank the leftover wine and thought you were John the Baptist.

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