The Pecking Order And The “Impeccable”Chicken.Unity,Harmony and Truth.

A Danish scientist researched the actions of the long horn chickens.He discovered that there could be no peace in the barn yard until a pecking order was established.He put different colored leg bands on the chickens and discovered:

That the Alpha chicken could peck all the chickens in the barn yard.

The Beta chicken could peck 10 chickens.

The Delta chicken could peck 9 chickens.

The Omega chicken (a Calvinist)was pecked by all of the other chickens in the barn yard,but he could not peck any of the other chickens.You might call him the “impeccable”chicken.

In the U.S.there are 1,187 different denominations.There are 72 different Baptist denominations,Southern Baptist,Northern Baptist,Free will Baptist,Four Square Baptist,Sabbath Day Baptist,Two Seat Predestined Baptist and the list goes on.

There will never be unity among Christians,Baptists or otherwise until we confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and He’s in charge.True unity can only exist in him who is the Truth personified and in His written Word.

When Jesus entered the upper room and began to wash the feet of his disciples,they had been discussing which of them would be the greatest in His Kingdom.

Jesus,in John17,prayed for the unity in His church,His body of believers.

Four times he prayed that they might be one.That was the single thing he prayed all who will believe in me..that they may be one.

Unity is not an acheivement.It is a gift of God.

There is unity in a cemetary,but it’s dead.

Only God can give a spirit of unity.

Baptists are a divided people.There are 72 different Baptist denominations in the U.S.Now we are experiencing division between the traditional and emergent churches.The issue should not be about the different styles of music and worship.I don’t have the energy to hold my hands up for an extended period of time,therefore I am a traditionilist.For me the bedrock issue is doctrinal integrity,whether you preach it sitting on a stool or running around like a wild Indian.But preach the WORD.

If we continue to be divided over  minor issues we will self destruct.

J.Allen Blair writes about this in his commentary on First Corinthians.Concrning the division at the lord’s table ,he writes,I have heard that Fidel Castro used,among many things in his overthrow of Dictator Baptista,a most deceptive kind of warfare.Castro had as his leading Lieutenant and right -hand man a former Spanish revolutionary with a bag full of tricks.One of his strategies in his guerrilla warfare was to sally forth from his mountain hideout,locate two squads of government troops,and slip into the bushy no man’s land between them.

First, he would pour forth a volley of shots at one group;then turn and do the same to the other.After alternating this machine-gunning for a few moments,he had the two squads firing at each other,while he made his escape and chuckled because of what he had brought about.

This type of warfare is not new.Satan has been using it for many ages past.Christians all over the world are still being duped by this trick of the devil.What does Satan do?One of his most clever stratagems is to get Christians fighting one against the other.As long as he can keep them fighting one another,he keeps them from fighting him.Thus he gets Christians doing his work for him.That was something of the situation at Corinth.The Christians were fighting each other.For this Paul said,”I praise you not.”

John Wesley and George Whitfield had heated debates over Calvinism and Arminianism.Someone asked Whitfield if he expected to see Wesley in heaven one day.Whitefield responed,”why no.I don’t expect to see Wesley in heaven because he will be so close to the throne of God and I will be so far away,we shall never meet”No “pecking”order there.

I recall a story about two sets of antlers permently locked together and displayed in a German museum.Evidently the deer had gotten into a fierce fight,locked horns and could not pry loose from one another.They died that way.

In a church “fight”or denominational fight where we “lock”horns over non-essentials,nobody wins.Everybody loses.

Yes,lets speak the truth in love,but there must be “truth”and not mere feelings.

I am a Christian by the new birth,Iam a Baptist by conviction.I am a Southern Baptist by choice and because of the Annuity plan in the SBC.

I strongly believe that as a Southern Baptist I should be loyal to the mission endevours of our denomination.If not I should join the two seat Predestined Baptist Church if they have a seat available.

Harry Ironside used to tell of the old Quaker who left one meeting place after another,and finally someone said to him,”Well,what church are you in now?”Iam in the true church at last,”he said.How many belong to it” “Just my wife and myself,and I am not sure about her sometimes.”

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