How Big?How Many?How Much?Fifty is half a hundred.

In a desperate attempt to make our churches grow numerically Marshall Fagg and Jim Austin have enlisted the help and advice from the emergent church crowd.

I remember several years ago a pastor said to a group of us,”I have already baptized 50 this year.And then he informed us by saying,thats half a hundred.”It took me a few minutes to do the math,but he was right.Fifty is half a hundred.

Would it surprise  you to know that even though every pastor would like to see his church grow numerically,that not a single epistle in the New Testament rebukes a church for not growing?

Have you considered that when Jesus Christ brought messages to seven churches in Revelation He never considered size or growth as an important matter?

Perhaps,rather than asking,”How many,we should also ask ‘What kind’as well”

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4 Comments on “How Big?How Many?How Much?Fifty is half a hundred.”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    Don’t you know the convention staff is paid to be creative in order to help us out. They are doing what they do best. Stop going after them and sign up as a soul winner and join a SCSB associational ICE team. Each church is ask to sign up 5 soul winners that can be a part of these ICE teams. I like the name ICE team. That reminds me of a drug task force or a SWAT team. Maybe we could all wear black hoods over our faces as we charge the front door with the Gospel battering ram.

    We could call the FAITH presentation the flash\bang Gospel Grenade.

    If that didn’t work we could ask Bill to tell his sad tesimony. We could call that the Gospel tear gas.

    maybe I should work at the “building”

  2. Dwight,
    Your comments have lit an evangelism fire in my heart that was about to go out.I want to be an ICE man on fire for the gospel.

  3. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Here’s the Youtube link to get you in the mood for ICE ICE:

  4. Quinn
    That appears to be the youth group at Sand Hill.

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