A Book Well Worth Reading Again.

Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome by Ken and Barbara Hughes.Tyndale press.

“I recommend that every pastor first read the Hughese’s book privately,and then go over it with the lay leaders.Doing this will not be less than a milestone,and might well be a water-shed.Dr.J.I.Packer.

“Born out of experience,based on the Word of God,and applied to real life,this book is just what the weary and discouraged pastors and their wives need,And it wouldn’t hurt if critical church officers read it too!I highly recommend it.”

“Bless you,Kent and Barbara,for saying with clarity and boldness what thousands of pastors and pastors’wives need to hear.Your call back to basics in ministry will free many from the false demands of ‘success’and restore the proper measurement of achievement.”Dr.Ray Steadman.

“I find it spiritually and expositorily sound,sane,perceptive,and a challenge to my own heart.”Dr.J.Sidlow Baxter

“With wisdom gained from their own struggles and long years of experience,Kent and Barbara Hughes spell out the principles that can set God’s servants free from the yoke of unscriptural ideals.”Dr.Vernon Grounds

“For those of you have read it,read it again for the first time.”Dr.Bill Poore

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One Comment on “A Book Well Worth Reading Again.”

  1. Greg Bailey Says:

    Any pastoral worker or even very involved layman should read this book. It is wonderful and it places the right weight on our backs without it coming from “man’s” expectations.

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