What We Can Learn From Our Contemporary Brothers.

Frank Page wrote in an article recently, “I believe also it is vaulable for our more traditional brothers to know that they can learn from our contemporary brothers about how to reach people that many of our churches have been unable to touch.”

Frank,here is one example of how our more “contemporary”brothers are “touching”people.

The following is a letter sent to a pastor:

There have been major changes at the church.When you walk in,you will find a MAC machine,a coffee shop where you can purchase donuts,croissants,coffee,you name it.There are also about a hundred tables with chairs to sit and eat.

When service starts there is smoke,lights,lasers,and music so loud my ears ring after church is over.This week there was a ten minuite service.,Then,our pastor demonstrated a soccer move he learned that week.He did a flip and kicked a soccer ball.Then,he set up a table and he and his wife talked to each other about their trip to Africa.

On top of all this,we no longer use the Bible.We use ‘Purpose Driven Life.’Although I do not attend the church any longer,I am very concerned for those who do attend the church.It is a feel good church.They do not talk about the ‘Hard Truth.’I’m very afraid for those who are sitting there having a ‘blast’while thinking they are going to Heaven but are dead wrong in most cases.(From Redifining Christianity,Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement.)(There are many more letters like this).

Yes,Frank Page,I agree,we can learn from our contemporary brothers on (how not to do ministry).The measure of a N.T.Church is its doctrinal integrity.The church is the pillar and support of the truth(1 Timothy3:15).If the church fails in its God-given mission of upholding,defending and propagating the truth then it fails.

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10 Comments on “What We Can Learn From Our Contemporary Brothers.”

  1. Just curious . . .

    Is there any data that indicates contemporay style churches lack doctrinal integrity at a rate higher than traditional style churches, or is that an assumption based solely upon one’s bias or preference regarding contemporary worship practices? If so, perhaps I need to rethink my decision to follow God’s hand when He led me to my church ( http://www.exit137.com ) .

    Then again, perhaps this post just painted with a brush that is a bit too broad?

  2. I do not have a problem with contemporary churches and their style of worship.I do believe that many,not all,contemporary churches have redefined Christianity by embracing the Purpose Driven Movement.Warren’s hero is Robert Schuller whose idea was to make a church that unchurched people would find appealing.I truly believe that churches that follow the methods of Peal,Schuller and Warren do indeed lack doctrinal integrity.That probably is a broad brush,but not too broad.

  3. Thanks for the clarification . . . all too often, people assume that contemporary worship style and doctrinal integrity are mutually exclusive. Based upon my personal experience in a doctrinally sound contemporary style church, and personally observing many traditional style churches that are doctrinally unsound, I don’t make that assumption.

  4. Pastor Alex Says:

    Contemporary worship and doctrinal integrity are two entirely different things. When I started pastoring in the inner city 5 years ago I realized that what I was used to and what I came from was not going to work here. The folks here did not own a tie and if they did they might not admit it to their neighbor! That did not affect my doctrine one iota. On the surface what it did affect was how I dressed and what music we played. But it goes way beyond that. It goes to the core of who the people are that you are ministering to or that you are trying to reach. It is about knowing their struggles and about meeting them where they are. It is about embracing the people with love not subscribing to a feel good campaign of frivolity in the church. My goal is to make the atmosphere comfortable aesthetically to those who come from this community. I don’t ever wear a tie and I have been known to preach in bare feet! However, the lyrics call for life change whether backed by electric guitars or not. The message calls for life change whether I preach in shoes that Sunday or not. The love is given no matter and the doctrine stays intact! Take the time to get “Breaking the Missional Code” by Ed Stetzer & David Putman. It may be helpful in this discussion and for furthering the Gospel.

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  6. dwight easler Says:

    Pastor Alex,

    I appreciate greatly what you said because I share the same pastors heart. My ministry has changed sense I left a military church in North Carolina to pastor a suburban church in South Carolina. I understand that worship styles are cultural traditions developed by a congregation of people. Those who fall into what is called “traditional” are those who maintain an accepted tradition of worship developed over many years in that churches culture. Contemperary churches are developing a new tradition of worship that will be an old hat to the next generation. I have no arguments about worship styles fitting people. People meet under trees in Africa because that is their tradition. Our worship traditions are the least of our worries in North American culture. The fast moving movement to make Christianity more friendly to the secular culture is what is doing the most damage. Churches of all traditions are falling into this trap but it is most visible among “contemperary churches” because they see that particular worship style as most friendly to the secular culture. What I have said and what I believe Dr. Poore is saying is that God has not called us to abandon the Gospel for a new user friendly Gospel that fits the secular lifestyle.

    There are 2 great dangers that we will face interacting with a secular and post modern culture. First, our churches will increasingly resist change and will become isolationist. This will be the greatest danger to the older “traditional churches” and many will close up because they lack the courage to obey the Great Commission. Second, there will be a great danger to continue to water down the Gospel because the secular post modern person wants to have a spiritual experience without the cost. Because the contemperary churches are in the best position to interact with the young post moderns, they will be in the most danger to push aside the Bible and say what brings in the “spiritual seekers”. We cannort write off any worship tradition because we don’t understand or like it. However, we must observe carefully what is going on in churhes and demand that the Gospel be preached.

    At my ordination I was asked if I was going to be one of those preachers who did not wear ties on Wednesday nights. I have not worn a tie on Wednesday since. I don’t think people really care. Bill is an old shoe salesman. He is probably trying to get some commission out of you.

  7. I have never preached barefooted,but I did have a bad experience with Hanes underwear one time.It was on a sunday night and we had a baptisimal service.Pasty had packed a change of clothes for me to change into after the baptisim.When I put on the underwear they would not stay up.There was no elastic in the band to hold them up.I put on my suit,but the underwear falling down was so annoying that I announced to the church my problem.They sang a couple of hymns while I went next door to the parsonage to change underwear.Everone had a good laugh,but no one joined the church that night.Patsy was disicplined and I bought some new underwear with a firm elastic band.Thanks for allowing me to share this true story with you.I feel much better.
    I am Bill Poore and I approve this message.

  8. Alex,Thanks for the recommending the books by Stetzer and Putman.I plan to read them.I want to suggest a book for you to read.I’ve just read it.”Redefining Christianity.”Author,Bob Dewaay.

  9. dwight easler Says:

    Reading selections from Danny Akin’s message concerning the “world Christian” is very similar to what Reggie Mcneil is describing in his work, ” The Present Future”. The Christian saved out of the secular post modern world holds no loyalties tightly beyond the mission and the kingdom. This will directly affect the local church and the CP. Mcneil says that unless we adjust the North American Church country club culture will pass away but the church will remain in a very different form. The way I see it there are two ways to adjust. We can cave in to the culture and start trying to give them what they want to hear or we can committ to live out our Christianity and our mission as Akin said, “We do have some bedrock, non-negotiables in terms of our doctrinal commitments that we will not compromise no matter what, and I thank God that that is where we are.

    “At the same time, we recognize that there are many different ways to live that out for the glory of God and the good of the men and women God brings into our lives,” Akin said.

    Being culturally relevant should never drive our doctrine. Our doctrine should determine how we live out cultural relevance.

  10. Greg Bailey Says:

    I think we will find that just as many traditional/established churches are atheological. I have been stunned at the country churches that are unbelievably liberal in SC and VA. Femaie “ruling” deacons and open to female ordaination and any theological ideas coming from Oprah.

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