Left,Right,And Middle Brains In Columbia Brain Storming Session.

More information is coming forth from the Building unity in the body of Christ meeting in Columbia.

At the beginning of the session an attempt was made to detrmine who was “left brain”and who was “right brain.”

Frank Page was neither “right”or “left”brain.He was all things to both sides so it was determined that he was “middle brain.”

Jim Austin was not,right,left or middle.He will not know which suits him for at least 6 months.He will be able to give an answer after the listening sessions are over.

Marshall Fagg is of course “right brain.”When it comes to “left brain”Marshall has a learning disability.

The mysterious contemporary pastor is a “no brainer.”And I say that in love.The unity group tried to get him to spell CP,but finally gave up after an hour.

Mike Moody,elected President in part because of excellent record in CP giving ,was an “alternating brain.”He went from left to right and back to the middle.

Tom Tucker of Rock Hill had brains enough to speak up boldly for the truth and CP giving.Thanks Tom,for your brain and your “grit.”

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