Dwight Easler Responds To “Brain storming”Meeting In Columbia.

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The elephant in the room is not the issue of CP giving. The elephant in the room is the issue of the contemporary pastor rejecting anything and everything that smacks of tradition. The CP is viewed as being uncool just like Sunday School, organs, and the Baptist Hymnal. They order their programs according to what the postmodern world expects. A postmodern does not have denominational loyalty so therefore a SBC church that is contemperary should not call itself Baptist or support the CP. When will our leaders start telling these contemperary pastors that being relevant does not equal bowing down to the culture. I am 35 years old and I am a Baptist. I tell people I believe in believers baptism by immersion and that the CP is the most efficient way to support missions at home and abroad. If that is the right thing to do why cant we teach the post moderns the strength of being Baptist instead of trying to hide from it? That is what the meeting should have been about. I sincerely doubt anyone from the convention tried to encourage contemperary pastors to teach their congregation Baptist distinctives. That would have crossed the line.

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