The Elephant In The RoomThe CP.Traditional Vs.Contemporary.

See Building unity in the body of Christ in our state.

Frank Page joined Jim and Marshall in a special meeting at the Baptist Building in a desperate

attempt to get the traditional and contemporary pastors to “kiss”and make up.

There was the same old worn out dialogue about how redneck traditionalists could learn how to reach the lost by any nook or crook(just pray the magic prayer)and head for the baptisimal and tail gate party.

And then if you can read this without laughing,I’ll pay for  your lunch,Frank Page writes”Many people in our contemporary churches do not wholeheartedly support the Cooperative Program.Instead of criticizing our brothers,I think it is time to involve them in meaningful dialouge so that they can better learn the wonderful ministries that are being supported by the Coopereative Program.”

What!!Why would the Pastor of a Southern Baptist church not already know about the “wonderful ministries”of the CP?Call the WMU and ask them.Check out the SBC Web-sight.

In this secret(lodge)like meeting,did anyone stand up for the CP ?If so,why are they not quoted”?Did the contemporary pastor say anything about the CP?If so,what did he say?Who decides how many will be a part of these meetings?How do you determine who will be invited?Is there a secret handshake that is required to enter the meeting?Was the President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention present?If so,did he offer any counsel?Why are there no quotes from him?

Yes,as it is always said in these kind of meetings,”we need to speak the truth in love.”However,it would be a blessing to hear someone say,”there must be accountability.””There must  be co-operation.”If a church does not desire to be cooperatively friendly let them go their way and stop wasting time and money trying to get them to like us.The Kingdom of God is big enough for good men of different opinions to go their seperate ways for the glory of God.

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6 Comments on “The Elephant In The RoomThe CP.Traditional Vs.Contemporary.”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    The elephant in the room is not teh issue of CP giving. The elephant in teh room is the issue of the contemperary pastor rejecting anything and everything that smacks of tradition. The CP is viewed as being uncool just like Sunday School, organs, and the Baptist Hymnal. They order their programs according to what the postmodern world expects. A postmodern does not have denominational loyalty so therefore a SBC church that is contemperary should not call itself Baptist or support the CP. When will our leaders start telling these contemperary pastors that being relevant does not equal bowing down to the culture. I am 35 years old and I am a Baptist. I tell people I believe in believers baptism by immersion and that the CP is the most efficient way to support missions at home and abroad. If that is the right thing to do why cant we teach the post moderns the strength of being Baptist instead of trying to hide from it? That is what the meeting should have been about. I sincerely doubt anyone from teh convention tried to encourage contemperary pastors to teach their congregation Baptist distinctives. That would have crossed the line.

  2. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Don’t you feel like sometimes that people are ashamed to admit they are Southern Baptists? I think of this as Elmer Fudd tactics. You know: “Shhh, don’t say your Baptist! I’m hunting seekers.” And they use chocolate covered doughnuts as bait.

  3. Dwight,
    If there is not a resoluton at the convention in Nov. about this,we are going to miss an opportunity that we will regret.There is far too much “dancing”around the real Elephant in the room.Really it’s not an is a “skunk”and it stinks more and more every day.

  4. dwight easler Says:

    Why can’t we say as a convention that we will not financially support any new church start unless it identifies itself as Baptist, practices believers baptism by immersion(some are not requiring this anymore) and proportionately supports the CP. If they cannot do that then they should not be given any CP support.

    I attended a South Carolina Baptist semninar on church planting in 1997. There was no mention of any of this. They spoke of things like: Target groups, spiritual inventories, and vision statements. We had people in the group those who identified themselves as anything but Baptist. Biker pastors, pastors to the 25 year old college graduates, pastors to the 30 year old upper middle class. Most claimed to be conservative theologically but no one seemed the slightest bit interested in being Baptist. However, if you identified your target group, your target area, your spiritual gifts, and you vision statement, you could get Southern Baptsit Support.

    I think its time to wake up to what is going on with our CP funds for new church starts. If equestrian, cowboy, biker, and beach churches are the wave of the future we are in for a very shallow future.

  5. Chadwick,
    Your caustic remarks about me only undergirds the need to heed Frank Page’s remarks to “speak the truth in love.”

  6. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Speaking as a ghost who is a dead man walking, if elected I will not ride the fence! You get too many splinters in painful places doing that! 😉

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