Job..Trusting,Cursing And The Providence Of God.

In Job.2:10 we read,”In all this did not Job sin with his lips.”Not long after this it was said of Job,he sinned with his lips.3:1.After this opened Job his mouth,and cursed his day(he cursed the day of his birth).

J.Allen Blair writes in his book,Job,Devotional Studies On Living Patiently,p40-41,”Have you ever heard anyone curse the day of his birth?Have you ever said something like this:I wish I had never been born”?Going through some season of sorrow or testing,were you sorry you had ever seen this world?

I suppose many of us are guilty.But I will tell you one thing:though I have known some to curse the day of their first birth,I have never known anyone to curse the day of his second birth.Have you?I am sure you have not.No one who has been born again by the Holy Spirit would ever curse the day he came to Christ.Nothing could be any greater than to come to Jesus Christ and have all sin completely forgiven,to begin life anew.No one would be fool enough to curse this day.But,regrettably,many are foolish enough to neglect this day.

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