Dr.J.Allen Blair

Remembering Dr. J. Allen Blair   To my friends.Dr.Blair’s books are well worth reading.You’ll be glad you did.Web.www.radio.net      Gladtidings inc.

Dr. J. Allen Blair stepped from his home in Charlotte, NC into the presence of Jesus Christ on September 9, 2007. He was 94. Dr. Blair founded and directed the Glad Tidings Radio ministry, currently celebrating 50 years of a daily 15 minute program. He pastored churches for 27 years in Savannah IL, Peoria IL, LeRoy MN, Flushing NY, St. Louis Mo, and Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Blair has ministered in churches, conferences, and camps across the USA, and in Canada, Panama, Central America, and Bermuda.

Dr. Blair was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on August 10, 1913, the only child of George and Rena Allen Blair. He is survived by his wife of 69 years, Elva Blair, co-founder of Glad Tidings; three daughters and their husbands, Sherril and Hu Harrill, Judy and Gary Janes, and Cindy and Harry Adams; nine grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren. Many local pastors in Charlotte remember him for his mentoring skills as they sat under his teaching in special sessions at the Glad Tidings offices formerly on Eastway Drive. Organization was his forte and this was evident in his professional and personal life, which were, in fact, all in one. His chief aim in life was to Shine the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reflected in the title of his autobiography, Shining The Light. His family remembers him for his loving commitment to his wife and for his consistent testimony of what God can do in a life, even the life of a child raised in an abusive, alcoholic home. His life has been spent, not in self-pity, but rather in devotion to God and in teaching the principles of the Word of God to his family and others.

Believing that Scripture memory is vital to the Christian life, Dr. Blair memorized and quoted the Bible extensively and used no notes in public speaking. His frugal lifestyle was evident from his Saturday morning garage sale appointments, which also had a spiritual goal. Early in their married life, the Blairs committed to give 50% of all they received to missions. The “treasures” he found on Saturday mornings furnished their home and he enjoyed making minor repairs on his bargains. New was hardly in his vocabulary.

Dr. Blair graduated from Atlantic City High School, Moody Bible Institute, Bradley University, and The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. His doctoral degree was awarded by Wheaton College, Wheaton IL. He authored 12 books, 10 based on books of the Old and New Testament and one on a pattern for a healthy Christian life.

A memorial service to celebrate his life with friends and listeners to the broadcast will be announced at a later time. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be sent to the Glad Tidings Radio ministry, PO Box 18824, Charlotte, NC 28218-0824 or to another mission outreach.

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