I’m a Morning(Mourning)Person.

I must confess that I am a Morning,Mourning person.Beginning in Oct.I will be preaching a series of sermons that I call, “Grieving for Dummiies.”(I’m one of the dummies.)As believers we know a great deal about grief,but very little about grieving.To me,depression is a reaction to some loss in my life.That loss may be insignificant or it may be devastating .You and I who have had our dreams shattered into a million pieces must,for the sake of our sanity,learn how to respond to the circumstances that have come uninvited and unexpected into our lives and changed us forever.

Grief reactions are both normal and painful.Dr.Arthur Freese in his book, “Help For Your Grief”, writes that even in the animal world,grief reactions are normal.On page 27,he writes,That grief reactions are normal and come from deep within the human psyche is evident from the fact that in the animal world,too,we discover the equivalent of the human grief reaction to loss.

Dr.Konrad Lorenz,Nobel Prize-winning zoologist,has reported how the gray goose,seperated from its mate,will move restlessly about night and day,make long flights to places the mate might be,while continuously crying out and searching farther and farther away.Thus animals exhibit behaviour that is typical of what we consider “human”grief.

A female gorilla or monkey may carry the body of her dead infant for days as if denying its death—again,behaviour similiar to the human being’s initial denial of death.

A monkey that has lost its mother will sit huddled up and by itself,will show no interest in the world about it.Those who deal with animals-dog breeders or zoo keepers-will tell you how their animals that have lost their mothers will behave in ways very similiar to grieving humans.Those of us who have bred dogs,for example,are quite familiar with the grieflike behaviour of the animal abandoned by its owner:the hangdog expression and stance are very much like the drooping head and the slumping shoulders of the newly bereaved human being.

The author then says something with which I certaintly do not agree.He writes,”Obviously the grieving of the human being is on a biological basis and goes far back into the evolutionary development of the animal,back into the distant mists of time where man himself evolved,many millions of years ago,from forms of animal life.”

However,animals do grieve and so do we also grieve.How long?I don’t know.But I do know that joy comes in the morning….whenever that is..in this life or the next.Really the “Time”is not nearly as important as His “Timing.”I can say with Job,my time is in his hands.Yes,I’m a “Mourning”person resting,waiting,trusting and grieving…yet thankful for God’s grace and absolute His Sovereignty.I seek, in my grief ,to be submissive to His Sovereignty

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