A Message For O.J. Simpson From The Happy Church.

From the Pastor of Happy Church to O.J.Simpson.

Dear O.J.As you endeavor to live successfully,I’m sure you desire to establish the values and virtues that lead to true fullfillment.

In today’s world we often find ourselves being pushed and shaped by the unrealistic expectations of others and the shallow values of the media.

Perhaps your heart has said, “There has to be more to life.”Well,there is! True purpose and joy in life can be ours through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.We can live the life we desire when we know God’s love for us and live an honest,simple Christian life.

Happy church is a group of people,joined to encourage one another to experience God’s plan for each of our lives.God has a special plan for you and your family.We are dedicated to helping you enjoy the love,peace and joy that is meant for you.

At Happy church you will hear sermons that bring practical insights and applications to Bible passages.The messages will be humorous,relevant and enjoyable.


Pastor Imagine

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2 Comments on “A Message For O.J. Simpson From The Happy Church.”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    Dear Pastor Imagine,

    Thank you for reaching out to OJ. Your happy theology is evident. Here at propserity church we share that happy theology. When it comes to sin we just don’t go there. People know they do wrong. We simply tell them that Jesus died to give you victory over your poor self esteem or whatever stress you are under right now. Like you, we welcome OJ into the fellowship of itching ears where people are hungry to hear about how special they are. Now lets say with Joel Olsteen these words before we stuff our Bibles back under our seat. ” This is my Bible……”

    Pastor Sensitive

  2. Pastor Sensitive,
    We need more of this kind of preaching in the SC Baptist Convention,relevant,innovative,up to date.Perry Noble,chosen by Marshall Fagg to teach us how to “do ministry”shares in one of his dynamic,innovative,creative sermons about “picking boggers”out of his nose.Now thats real preaching.Marshall Fagg really knows how to “pick” the right men to inform,inspire and motivate dead traditional pastors in SC.As Perry likes to say, “Rock on!!!”

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