Questions To Marshall Fagg And Planning Committee Of Imagine Conf.

What influential group of Ministers met with you and pressured you to cancel the Imagine conference?

What reasons did they give for being hesitant about having this conference?

Will you meet with this group of ministers in the future before planning other conferences?

Did Marshall and the planning committee pray and seek God’s will when planning the Imagine conference?

If you sensed God’s approval,why did you cancel the conference?

Who was on the planning committee?Will they be on the next planning committee?

What did you mean when you wrote,”Hopefully,the hard work and investment that has already been made will have a positive impact on the Kingdom of our Lord throughout SC?

If the SCBSC fails to publish all of the facts concerning the canceled Imagine conference,then it needs to be addressed from the floor in Florence at our State Convention as an important matter of business.One thing is sure,this matter is not going away.”Informed Baptists”are inspired Baptists.Give us the facts,please.

Editor of the Baptist Co-Hear’s comment, “Arminian doctrine and practise will always lead to confusion and error.”

Give ear,O ye heavens,and I will speak;and hear,O earth,the words of my mouth.My DOCTRINE(teaching) shall drop as the rain,my speech shall distil(flow) as the dew,as the small rain upon the tender herb,and as showers upon the grass:because I will publish(proclaim) the name of the LORD;ascribe ye greatness unto our God.Deuteronomy.32:1-3.

May His doctrine rain upon us as SC Baptists.

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2 Comments on “Questions To Marshall Fagg And Planning Committee Of Imagine Conf.”

  1. dwight easler Says:

    If you can get anything out of the state besides a voice mail, a pamphlet, a disater relief training registration, or a piggy back program from someone else that is renamed to sound original, let me know.
    ( Oops- I probably just lost any chance to be nominated to anything or work in the “building”). Of course I am a 35 year old pastor of a traditional church with civil war veterans in the grave yard. I am not the kind of leader they are looking for anyway. I am what Reggie Mcneil calls one of the “losers” in the North American church culture. He defines a “loser” pastor as “pastors and church leaders whoa re not serving in high profile or high growth churches” I am being sarcastic but we have been sucked into this culture of success. I was conatcted last year by someone on the committee on committees who said, ” The convention is looking for thriving young pastors to fill leadership positions.” That is the last I heard from him.

  2. Dwight,
    If by chance you are asked to serve as a trustee on any of out SC,Learn a lesson from the trustees of Charleston Southern.You only have to learn A one word response to anything that is brougth before the trustees.Just say “YES!
    Practise in front of a mirror at home.Say Yes!Yes!Yes!

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