I Can Only Imagine:News From The Baptist Co-Hear.

If Perry Noble had spoken at the “Imagine Conference”,I am sure that he would have received 600.00 for his participation in the innovative,Willow Creek,Saddleback,Crysatal Cathedral Norman Vincent Peal like conference.

Under his dynamic leadership  Noble,Pastor of  New Spring(ashamed to be called Baptist)church led this mega congregation to give a “micro”gift of 600.00 to the Cp in 2006.

I can only imagine that if Pastor Noble had designated a tenth of his 600.00 dollar offering to the CP,$60.00,He could have increased New Spring(ashamed to be called Baptist) CP gifts to 660.00 for the year 2007.

Then the Stewardship and Evangelism Department of the South Carolina Baptist State Convention could have partnered  together and invited Pastor Noble to share in a Rev.3:20( shallow Evangelism )and a 1.Cor.16:1-2,(Concerning the collection) combination conference.

It stirs the heart just to think about it.”I can only imagine.”

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4 Comments on “I Can Only Imagine:News From The Baptist Co-Hear.”

  1. Michael Mohler Says:

    I don’t know who hurt you or why you have so much hatred in your heart for so many of our brothers. Eternity should give you pleanty of time to say, “I’m sorry.” Last time I read Scripture – today – There was a prosititute at my Lord’s feet. Why are you throwing stones when the rest of us have walked away? I don’t know you but I am sure you’re not perfect. And the last time I checked my God owned it all so stop whining about His money! I’m don’t agree with everything Perry does but good for him seeing so many come to Christ, how many have you seen saved lately?

  2. Michael,
    Thanks for your positive,uplifting comments.Please stop by the hot tub more often

  3. Comment:
    at first I was really saddened by the news about the Convention not supporting your conference. Then I read this and am stunned. Are you a teacher and leader? This is sad, if so. I never claim to be near-perfect….but it seems like it’s your time for a self-evaluation. You need to let go of the hatred in your heart.

  4. When I read your comments,I said,”WOW”and I was so impressed,I said it backwards,”WOW!!”
    Thanks for making my day.

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