South Carolina Baptist Evangelism Department And The Transitions Conference

North Side Baptist Church in Greenwood,SC will host the “Transitions”conference,Thursday,September 27.North Side Baptist Church gave 298,629.21 to the CP in 2006.Their week of prayer offerings  were 36,240.43.Total gifts came to

1,862,993.(one million,eight hundred and sixty two thousand,nine hundred and ninty three dollars).The South Carolina Baptist Evangelism Department headed up by Marshall Fagg had a golden opportunity to partner with North Side and the Transitions Conference.Instead they chose to “fully support” the Imagine conference with CP funds.

Perry Noble,Pastor of the New Spring Church in Anderson,SC was invited by Marshall Fagg to share the innovative skills they are using to win the lost.New Spring gave 600.00(six hundred dollars) to the CP last year and did not give anything to the week of prayer offerings.Their total receipts were 5,672,486.

Now the Evangelism Department can and they have put the “spin” on this debacle,but it defies  the imagination and common sense to understand this absurdity.To fully support Perry Noble ,Pastor of the New Spring Church in  the Image conferenceand turn their backs on North Side’s Transition’s conference only proves that Our Evangelism Department has become ineffective,inefficient,incapable and therfore impotent.

However,I would be remiss if I did not tell you that The folks at the Baptist Building did furnish North Side with the address labels of all pastors in SC.How generous.

Something must be done about this monumental,embarrassing mistake.Jim Austin will have to do the right thing.It matters not that he is new on the field.The buck stops at his desk.How he handles this insanity that has come to our attention will also,in my opinion, determine if he is indeed the right man to lead SC Baptists in the future.

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2 Comments on “South Carolina Baptist Evangelism Department And The Transitions Conference”

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