Baptist Co-Hear News from The Baptist Courier:Sept 13,1945

As To The Cooperative Program.

Dr.MacFarland’s article in you issue of August 30th regarding our Co-Operative Program brings to our attention in a tactful way the probable necessity for our having to decide without delay whether or not we desire to continue cooperating under the plan.

These “special appeals”,though approved because of their merit,constitute a definite departure from an adopted policy.

By our own volition we have adopted the Co-Operative Program as the safest,soundest and wisest method of raising funds for the support of the various objects fostered by our denomination,which funds are apportioned equitably to these objects as their relative needs demand.These ratios may be changed as changing conditions warrent.Special appeals break down and tend to destroy what we have in our deliberate judgment established as the better plan.They no doubt do disturb the proper equity,and cause the faith of the layman to weaken as to the merits of the policy.

The present trend is,in my judgment,carrying our Co-Operative Program toward the rocks.If it is the best plan for the support of our financial budget,and I believe it is,then let us stick to it faithfully,departing from it only in very exceptional cases when such unexpectedly arise.If it need adjustment,and it constantly will,let it be done inside the set-up if at all possible,and not outside it.By preserving it’s integrity we keep the faith with Mr. and Mrs.John Doe,Baptists,who will co-operate more happily and at least just as fully in an enlarged comprehensive program.

M.L.Smith,Layman:Baptist Courier,Sept 13,1945.

Sept.11,2007:From Editor of Baptist Co-Hear,Bill Poore.

Mashall Fagg of the evangelism dept.invites Perry Noble for the innovative,Imaine conference.Noble,Pastor of a mega church in Anderson that received 5.7 million dollars last year and gave 600 to the CP.and zero to SBC mission offerings.

In the Editor’s opinion Marshall Fagg should resign his position and leave quietly.If he does not leave,Jim Austin should fire him.If Austin does not dismiss marshall,then Jim Austin should resign his position and leave quietly.

I am Bill Poore and I approve this message.

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5 Comments on “Baptist Co-Hear News from The Baptist Courier:Sept 13,1945”

  1. Hans Wunch Says:

    As much as I like Bro. Marshall I fear it is worse than you thought. I just learned today that North Side Baptist in Greenwood is holding a church conference on Transitioning. North Side gives ~11% to the CP and a BUNCH to the offerings. It seems that their pastor approached Bro. Marshall about helping out with the conference and were basically given nothing.

    BTW The conference is still going to happen without the help from the Convention Building and it is Sept 27th (Thursday).

  2. Hans,
    Hardly anything I hear about this situation surprises me.Sooner or later there must be some accountability about this exercise in ridiculous absurdity.One could hope that the Editor of the Baptist Courier would have an interest in this “news.”This train wreck is not going away.Thanks for your insight.

  3. I am offically withdrawing my name as a candidate for second vice President.Poore is “no more.”I’m taking my stand with Hans Wunch.

  4. Hans Wunch Says:

    Does that mean we have to “Do Lunch”? 😀 Just wondering, cause my coffers are getting a little low, and I don’t know how much you eat. Would you be offended if I asked “What kind of small coke would you like?”

  5. I’ll have 4 Krystal cheese burgers and a small diet coke.

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