Notice to Pastors who registered for the Imagine Conference.Due to the fact that the “Imagine” conference has been canceled(we can’t,won’t tell you why)please note the following suggestions.These suggestions are not obligatory but please consider them prayerfully and carefully.

1.Designate the money you gave for registration to New Spring Baptist Church in Anderson.New Spring gave $600.00 to the CP last year.Lottie and Annie received 000.Your gift would help pastor Noble remain in the SB retirement program.

2.You can still order the material from the Imagine conference at a discount price.This innovative material includes…

(1)Pastor…Change the methods,not the message.

Call Jesus a guy(a cool guy).If you call him God you may offend the “seekers”who are still on their journey.

(2) Use terms like “ROCK ON”IN A REAL LOUD VOICE.

(3)Give your Baptist hymnals to the dead,traditional church down the road.That kind of music went out with the stage coach and if you still like it you should have been on the stage coach.Be sure and have Christian Rap music and a Rock band that looks just like the Punk Rockers on TV.

(4)Please,Please do away with the Adult Sunday School classes and all Southern Baptist Sunday School material.Use the more up to date,innovative,non-threatening,generic,cotton candy,relevant material from Saddleback and Willow Creek.

(5)In the place of Sunday School classes,have “small group”meetings in homes where you can “pool your ignorance”and have coffee and doughnuts.

In other news from the Baptist Co-Hear.Pray for Marshall Fagg.He has taken a 30 day leave of absence from the Baptist Building.He has entered the Celebrate Recovery program at Saddleback.He is expected to fully recover from a “bruised ego” and return soon with an extended contract and a raise in salary.

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5 Comments on “The Baptist CO-HEAR NEWS:EDITOR BILL POORE.”

  1. chadwick Says:


    Now this is really informing & inspiring news! 🙂

    Maybe you can hire Hans as your assistant editor!

    I can see the headlines, now: The Baptist CO-Hear, operated by Poore & Wunch, becomes premiere news outlet for SC Baptists! 🙂


  2. chadwick Says:

    Maybe you can hire Hans to be your assistant editor! 🙂 That would be awesome!

  3. Chadwick,
    Hans must first earn a D.Min degree.I could bestow upon him an honorary degree but it will take 600.00 to process the paper work.

  4. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Lunch with Wunch; More with Poore – Hmmm…

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