The Innovating Church To Change Lives scheduled for October 15-16 has been canceled.According to the Message  from the Baptist Building,the planning group for Imagine 07 has agreed it is in the best interest of the SCBC to cancel the event.

Marshall Fagg writes,Imagine 07 was designed to present a variety of innovations now being used by churches to produce life transformation in our communities.Hopefully,the hard work and investment that has already been made will have a positive impact on the Kingdom of our Lord throughout SC.

Perhaps it would be “innovative” for Marshall Fagg to tell South Carolina Baptists the real reasons for canceling this meeting.Also,this would be an excellent opportunity for the staff at the Baptist Courier to inform and inspire us with the real truth about the startling,sudden cancelation of the Imagine 07 Conference.Otherwise we can only “Imagine” what has transpired.

Now we are are left in the dark as to why Marshall Fagg and his team failed so miserably in this effort.We are only told that the “hard work” and investment that was made will hopefully have a positive impact on the Kingdom of our Lord throughout SC.

Marshall,please tell us about the hard work.Why did it fail?How much Cooperative Program money was spent on what is now a failed  conference?Who directed you to cancel the conference?

Informed Baptists are Inspired Baptists.If it was in the best interest of the SCBC to cancel the event…you can be sure that it is in the best interest of the SCBC to reveal the truth(without mixture of error) to all South Carolina Baptists who pay the salaries of the SCBC.That would have a “Positive Impact” on all of us.

New Spring Church in Anderson was scheduled to be one of the model churches in the Imagine 07 Conference.

According to the 2006 South Carolina Baptist Convention Annual New Spring Church..Total Receipts were$5,672,486.Week of Prayer-0.00.Budget gifts  $600.00.Was this example of stewardship one of the innovations now being used to produce life transformation in our communities?

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  1. Hans Wunch Says:

    What I heard was that because New Spring and Marathon didn’t support the CP and that he conference was supported by the CP.

    That said, while our church and I personally really support the CP, I do know there are churches out there that I can learn from that for what ever reason do not support the CP. To be honest, there is a high number of “mega” churches that do a lot of missions on their own, but do not give to the CP.

    The challenge is to help all our SBC Churches realize the value of giving through the CP. But until they see the value, they will not give.

  2. Hans,
    New Spring gave 69,000 to other missions of some kind.I have learned lot from Reformed churches that do not support the CP.However,I believe that if you are going to be a Southern Baptist church you should support the CP.
    As always,thanks for your comments.

  3. chadwick Says:


    ANY SC SBC church that is used for a “model” by the SCBC should be a STRONG giver to the CP.

    I think whoever organized the conference needs to be flogged in public, in the front lawn of the “Baptist Building,” by Wild Bill Poore and Hans Wunch! 🙂 This will be a good lesson for anybody who disregards CP giving in SC!!! 😉


  4. chadwick Says:

    Oh yeah . . . and we will get the Baptist Courier to do an exclusive coverage on the public CP flogging! . . . now that would be very informing and inspiring!! 😉

  5. Chadwick,
    We could charge a small fee for the “flogging”and designate the proceeds to Newspring church for week of prayer offering.

  6. Hans Wunch Says:

    Can we do the flogging on the concrete cross in the front? 😉 I am with Bill. That would get a rise on the J.Chapman offering.

  7. chadwick Says:

    Poore & Wunch unite! . . . what a team! 🙂

  8. chadwick Says:


    Maybe you can hire Hans to be your assistant editor! 🙂 That would be awesome!!

  9. Quinn Hooks Says:

    “Poore & Wunch unite! . . . what a team! ”

    Hmmm….could they be co-2nd Vice Presidents?

  10. Quinn Hooks Says:

    “Poore & Wunch unite! . . . what a team! ”

    Hmmm….could they be co-2nd Vice Presidents?

    I got it!

    Lunch with Wunch so you can have More with Poore!

  11. Jamie Says:

    I noticed that you posted the total receipts reported from NewSpring. What about reported salvations or baptisms? Maybe, just maybe, there could be something to be learned from how NewSpring is reaching people with the Gospel? Otherwise, bash on!

  12. I will leave those results(whether true or false to the Lord.)Only He knows.

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