852 Sermons by Bob Marcaurelle.bmarcaurelle@charter.net

My friend Bob is an excellent expository preacher.He has compiled 852 sermons on one disk for $30.00.

298 OT Sermons-37OT Biographies+Genesis+Exodus+Numbers+Deut+Joshua+Judges+Ruth+Life of David+Life of Solomon+Nehemiah+Amos and Jonah+Hosea  44NT Sermons Luke’s parables+John”s Gospel(outlines)+Ephesians+1.Thess+1.Tim+James+the letters of John.

810 full length sermons+42 outlines+2 Books.

464 Miscellaneous Full Length Sermons(All kinds of topics and texts) 46 Doctrinal Sermons.the Christian Faith+Eternal Security+Salvation.

Two Books….Pastor-Deacon Relations+The History Of Baptists.

Write…The Pastor’s Pulpit 2003 Lynn Ave,Anderson,SC 29621


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One Comment on “852 Sermons by Bob Marcaurelle.bmarcaurelle@charter.net”

  1. Rev. Dr. Leander West Says:

    I have used Dr.Marcaurelle sermon and Biblestudy material throughout the past twentyfive years of Pastorial work. I am interested in the disk of Dr.Marcaurelle sermons. Please forward information to my E-mail. Many thanks.

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