Small or Tall? Is Bigger Better?

Acts.2:47.And day by day the Lord added to the church those who were being saved.

Mention the word “inflation”today and everyone understands the subject at hand.

For instance there is a “drink size inflation.”There was a day not too long ago when you could go to 7-Eleven and get a medium sized Coke,or a twenty ounce large if you were really thirsty.But this wasn’t nearly enough sugar and caffeine for 7-Eleven’s parched customers.So they invented the Big Gulp,a whole quart of tasty carbonated sugar.But when that wasn’t enough,the store came out with the Super Big Gulp,which weighed in at 44 ounces.Yet that still didn’t satisfy some customers,so 7-Eleven now offers the X-treme Gulp,whose 52 ounces should satisfy a family of ten.

There is also the inflation of drink size labels.It is difficult to order a “small”coffee today.Instead,you have to order a “TALL.”

Why does eveything have to be bigger,or at least sound bigger?The answer is simple:thats the way people want it.Thats what sells.When it comes to beverages,bigger is better..bigger sizes,bigger descriptions.

Sadly and unfortunately,Churches are rather like 7-Eleven drinks in this way.The majority of Christians think that bigger churches are better.Who wants to go to a “medium sized”church when you can go to an “X-treme Gulp”church?After all they have a traditional,non-traditional,contemporary service to meet all of your needs.They serve coffee and doughnuts and have a twenty-piece orchestra in worship and many other perks to help you on your “journey.”Bigger is better,and thats why people go there.

Is a Bigger church always a Better church?The answer is…not always.The most important question is not about size(large or small)church..but is it a godly church?A godly church will experience awe as God does wonders and signs in its midst.Acts 2:41-47.

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