Vexed.A sermon by

II Peter 2:7 and 8“And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds:”My text word is VEXED. We will discuss being vexed. There are Christians who have been to church all their lives and are living in homes that are divided. I talk often with women who have been in church with their husbands all of their married lives. These women have suffered abuse by a husband that has a bad temper. Children, who have been abused by a parent that names the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christian’s have real problems in a lot of ways and areas, often those who are not in church, use that as an excuse not to attend church. As we consider Lot, please remember, there is more sin recorded about Abraham’s life than there is about Lot’s life. The Scripture doesn’t say, “Lot went down to Egypt.” Twice Abraham did! Nothing like that is recorded about Lot. The Bible doesn’t say Lot ever had an adulteress relationship. Abraham went in unto his handmaid. Nothing is recorded like that about Lot. Lot lived in Sodom but you would have a real problem trying to prove from the Scriptures, that Lot was a great sinner. The Scripture’s does not say that he went down to Sodom and committed homosexual acts. We are not told he went to Sodom and frequented the bar halls or committed all the sinful acts that were going on in Sodom! If you have read the Genesis account, without the account in II Peter, you might say, “Oh, forget Lot, he never was anything.” However, the Lord says, he was a righteous man, “Lot vexed his righteous soul.” I would like the Lord to say of me, “Ed was a righteous man.” The only righteousness I have has been imputed on me; all that Lot had, had been imputed on him. However, the Scripture says, “Lot vexed his righteous soul.” It doesn’t say that Lot fell into deep sin. I want you to understand first, this word VEXED. What is it to be vexed or vex?In II Peter 2:7, these Greek words mean to wear down with toil. Have you ever been so tired you couldn’t go any farther? You might say you were vexed, you were drained. In II Peter 2:8 it means to torture, pain, to toil, torment or toss, to vex.In Matthew chapter 15:22 it means to be possessed by demons. In Matthew chapter 17:15 it means to experience sensations, impressions, feelings, passions, to suffer. Here it’s a combination of two words that we get our word psychopathic from. This fellow had mental problems and the Scriptures say he was vexed. In Luke 6:18 and Acts 5:16 it means to harass. Webster gives us this; to bring trouble, distress or adulation, to irritate or annoy by petty provocations, to debate or discuss at length, dispute, to shake or toss about. The Amplified Bible gives us these two verses in this way; verse 7, “And he rescued righteous Lot, greatly worn out and distressed by the wanton ways of the ungodly and lawless.” Let me ask a question, consider verse 7, how many Christians do you know today, who are not worn out and distressed by the ways of the world? We are vexed! In the Amplified Bible, verse 8 says, “For that just man, living (there) among them, tortured his righteous soul every day with what he saw and heard of (their) unlawful and wicked deeds.”I can sit down and watch the news and get so aggravated that I feel as if I am going to have a heart attack. I don’t understand it! I try to be a spiritual man, I try to believe the Bible, I try to do right, then I will look at the world around me and it wears me out. It vexes me! It causes me to be in distress. You might say I am in the same position as Lot. Lot had a real problem in Sodom. We have real problems in Wales, the Rhondda or wherever you live.A fellow called me some time ago and related how it had been discovered that the pastor, of one of the most prestigious churches in America, had been keeping a mistress up in an apartment for years. This man would stand in his pulpit and preach against such practices, yet all the time he was practising it. Does that not wear you out, distress you, cause you to be aggravated? Does it not cause you to be distressed about the spiritual condition that we are living in? How did Lot get to the place that he was vexed, worn out with the situations around him? “And he vexed his righteous soul”. How did he get to the place that he was just worn out. Consider Lot’s choices, his calamity and then our chance, and our choices.I–LOT’S CHOICES; AS A RIGHTEOUS MAN I want you to understand, Lot made HIS choices as a righteous man! He EVIDENTLY had the same revelation as Abraham. He probably knew the same things Abraham knew, concerning God, he was Abraham’s companion.Consider, the motives of a man’s choices are as important as the choices that he makes.I have made bad choices, but I had right motives. I was striving to do right, I was trying to do what I believed the Lord would have me to do. I was motivated by a desire to do right by my family, my church, or generally do the right thing, and made bad decisions. Many people will never forgive you for a bad decision because they question your motives! It is not the decision that bothers people, it is the motives behind the decision. I don’t know why Lot made these decisions! I cannot question his motives, however, he did make some wrong choices, his motives may have been impeccable.The choices we make today have an effect upon all our futures. Your choices today, are going to affect your future. If you decide today that you are going to rebel against God and walk out in rebellion, I promise you, that somewhere down the road, if you are a child of God, you are going to experience the chastisement of God! Lot was a righteous man, he couldn’t get by with wickedness. He made choices that at some point in time would affect his future, or someone else’s. Lot’s decision not only affected him, it affected his family. After he made the decision, he would have had a hard time changing the direction of his family.We find at Kadesh Barnea, a generation decides not to go into the promised land. It not only stalemated them for the rest of their lives, it also caused their children to suffer for forty years. I believe we are living in a time when our children are suffering because of decisions our churches made years ago. Lot was, making decisions that would affect future generations. Our churches should never quit being gospel preaching churches and compromise with the world. There is a generation coming down the line that’s going to need a place where they can hear the gospel! A—GENESIS 13:10–LOT CHOSE BY SIGHT AND NOT BY FAITHLot‘s choices, right or wrong, regardless of his motives, were his choices. He saw the well watered plains. That is not ungodliness! There is not a person reading this today, if they had the opportunity to better them selves in a position, would not gladly change positions. If you could get a better paying job, you would accept it! If somebody offered you a farm, better than the farm you had, you would accept the farm. That’s in us, it’s inbred in us. We are living in a day when success is the god we worship. No one desires to be unsuccessful! I promise you, if you are pastoring a small church, you want a larger church. Do you know why you want a larger church? Because it’s more prestigious! People think you are a better preacher or a better leader if you have a large church. The larger the church you have, the more people respect you. Regardless of who or how the church was built. You desire a bigger home! A nicer car! You want to be successful, Lot did also! If that is wrong,  most of us are wrong. However, Lot made his choices by sight not by faith. Many Christians today are motivated by sight as lot was. Lot did not fail in the eyes of Sodom! In all this, you don’t have one record that Lot ever compromised his religious convictions. We are not told Lot went to Sodom and made money crookedly.B–LOT’S WRONG CHOICE WAS HIS COMPANIONS You cannot constantly be exposed to wickedness and not be affected! It’s impossible! I don’t care how strong a Christian you are. If you are constantly surrounded by wickedness, and constantly exposed to sin, you’ll be conquered by it. I believe Lot was in the business of providing sacrifices to be offered to the gods of Sodom. He was a cattleman. The Sodomites didn’t like cattlemen, read about Israel going  into Egypt. Joseph didn’t want Jacob to say he was a herdsman, because the Egyptians disdained herdsmen.Lot went to Sodom, and someone said, “Mr. Lot, we need sacrifices to offer to our gods.” Lot worked out a deal with them. You see the whole animal was not sacrificed, only portions of it. It may have transpired this way, Lot said, “I will sell you that sacrifice for £1.00 a pound, you kill it, take whatever you want from it, bring the remainder back and I will take the leftovers and give you £.50 a pound for it. I will open  a meat market and dispose of the meat”. Lot became a millionaire based on good business. Any person in this world with business sense, would not have done that. However, Lot’s choices were wrong, because of his companionship.C–LOT CHOSE TO IGNORE THE CHASTISEMENT OF GODYou will remember that he hadn’t been in Sodom and Gomorrah long and there was a war, three kings came against five, and conquered them all. In Genesis 14, they captured Lot, and Abraham had to deliver him. Do you understand that this is the chastisement of God? Lot didn’t understand that! He thought that it was just a temporary set back in his business! And he thought, “I can overcome this! This is just a temporary set back”. He went right on ignoring the chastisement of God. I don’t know of a Christian sitting in any church today, who at one time or another hasn’t ignored the chastisement of God. They thought it was just a temporary set back and went on down the wrong road. That is what Lot did! When Abraham delivered Lot, Lot was a successful business man.Here is the difference between a man who has the eye of faith and a man who has his eye on the world. Abraham delivered Lot, correct? Abraham wouldn’t have been there except for Lot. When Abraham delivered them and they sat down to divide the spoils, who paid the tithe? It was Abraham! Because Lot had his eye on being a success in the world he couldn’t afford to give a tithe, even though Abraham rescued him. I want you to understand this, if you can’t trust God in financial matters, you can’t trust God to take you to heaven.Lot went on back to Sodom and started making money again. Lot may have said, “I would pay that tithe, Abraham, but you know I have to set my business in order. I’ve lost everything, ” Not only were they Lot’s choice but Lot’s calamity.II—LOT PERMITTED SODOM TO ESTABLISH HIS VALUE SYSTEMIf you will look in Genesis 19, Lot permitted Sodom to establish his value system.Today, child of God, if you are letting the world establish your value system, you are heading for the chastisement of God. I promise you! Lot was a real success as far as Sodom was concerned, but had no idea he was bankrupt in God’s sight!Proverbs 14:12 says,”There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Lot had it all and he had it altogether, he was a success. His one big mistake was he failed to factor in the judgement of God. Anytime you are keeping  accounts and fail to factor in the judgement of God, you have made a costly mistake. He never thought that God would destroy Sodom, and his meat market business. He just thought about being a success, getting his retirement. He didn’t consider that God could take everything that he had. It is fatal not to factor God into your life.Four things that Lot allowed Sodom to set his value system are: A—LOT PERMITTED SODOM TO DICTATE HIS MORAL VIEWS Lot was a righteous man, at least his ‘soul was righteous,’ as the Scripture says. Could you imagine living day by day around what Lot had to live in?  Mrs. Lot might say ever once in a while, “Lot, do you remember how it was when we were living with Abraham? Folks didn’t live like this.” Lot might say, “Yes, but the money wasn’t as good. I wasn’t as successful over there, besides that, I can live here and make my fortune and when I get to the place that I can afford to, I am going back home and live with old Uncle Abraham. I think I will be all right.” However the immorality around him was eating at him and his family. I don’t care how saved you are, you cannot let the world dictate your moral values. It must come from that blessed old Book. If the Bible is not dictating your moral values there is something wrong and you need to factor in the judgement of God. Now we don’t have situation ethics and we don’t have double standards. It is the Word of God that establishes morality, morality is never a situation ethic. There was a time that things were either moral or immoral, now every thing is amoral. It means that it’s based upon your standard and your standard alone. If your standard is the standard, then there is no standard, because everyone has a different standard, that makes it impossible to have a standard. Let me ask you, where do your children get there moral standards? I can tell you where they get most of their standards. A child sits in front of the T.V. from the day it’s born and the T.V. becomes the baby sitter. Their morals are dictated by the programming. That’s one of the reasons we are having so many problems in our churches today. Our young people’s moral values have been established by the ratings system of the T.V. network. B—LOT PERMITTED SODOM TO MOULD HIS POLITICAL VIEWS In Chapter 19:1 Lot is sitting at the gate. He was elected a judge and I promise you that Lot did not get elected a judge in Sodom by running on the anti-homosexual or anti-abortion ticket. Every one living there were homosexuals. He didn’t take a stand against them. There is no record that Lot is a bad man. He probably said, as I heard somebody say this week, “Some of my friends say that they are for it and some of my friends say they are against it.” Lot what do you say, “I’m for my friends.” That’s the way many Christians are today. Some people say, “Its right and some people say its wrong.” What do you say? — “I agree with them.” That’s where Lot was, he just agreed with them. His attitude was, “It’s all right, I am not going to get into it I want to be politically correct in my statements.” There are many people today who want to be politically correct. Lot did not run on the anti-dope or the anti-booze platform. Lot became politically correct.C—LOT PERMITTED SODOM TO ESTABLISH HIS FAMILY VALUESI get so irritated at these people that are always against the traditional family. People don’t like this traditional family stuff. What’s wrong with it? Many people are saying, “what is the church going to do for our young people?” The best thing the church can do for the young people is to get the parents on fire for God. If parents are slackers about bringing their children to church faithfully, when the children get to be 16 years old you should not come to the preacher and say, “I want you to do something with my kids.” You have already blown it.You can put on 97 programs to get a child in church but until that heart is changed, he or she is never going to be what he or she should be for the Lord. If you let the world establish your value system and dictate your family values the church doesn’t have a chance at your children. If all they want to do is be entertained the church can’t entertain them like the world. I promise you I can’t show enough movies, have enough bubble gum parties, buy enough pizza and do all the things that it would take to impress them. The world is offering more. When Lot went to warn his children they may have said, “Daddy when did you get religious? Was it recently? We never remember you talking about God’s judgement before!” Do you understand what happens in a family? Mom and Dad don’t go to church regularly. When they do go they denounce the preacher, the choir, and one day Johnny says, “I have had enough of this junk, I am never going to church again.” Then Mom and Dad run down to the church and say, “I want you to pray for my family.” Then the kids ask, “When did they get religion?” I want to ask you, who or what establishes your value system? It should be the Word of God. Whether it is, or not, is up to you. I can look at your faces and tell you are all good folks. I know you are living in a real world and it’s hard to make it. However, someone or something has to establish your value system. What dictates your moral views? What do you call morality? You say, “Well preacher, I think the old moral values are out dated.” If you think the Bible is outdated you are crazy. The Bible is still the same today, will be tomorrow, was yesterday and moral values are still the same.Who moulds your political views? I don’t want to get into politics because I can really get aggravated. I can tell you this, if Christians had stood on Bible principles when they voted last time, we would not have the mess, politically, we have today.Then I want to ask you today who guides your family values? The Word or the world? Our chance or our choice.III—II Peter 2:9 and 10“The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptation, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgement to be punished: but chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.” If I could paraphrase it, “Now if all these things be true, then be sure that God knows how to rescue the godly out of temptations and trials and keep the ungodly under chastisement until the day of judgement and doom, particularly those who are walking after the course of the flesh.”We need to understand that the Lord knows how to deliver us and how to make us, or get us to, adjust our value systems to be HIS value system. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon came to the same conclusion that Peter did. Ecclesiastes 1:14 says, “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.”Look at verse 17 in chapter one. “And I gave my heart to know wisdom, (I went to State University, Cambridge or where ever) and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.” Wisdom drove me up a wall. Confused me! Chapter 2 verse 17, “Therefore I hated life.” I want to ask you this, when was the last time you saw a real vibrant joyful Christian? One on fire saying, “Glory to God, halleluiah, amen, praise the Lord.” Do you know what has caused the child of God to lose his joy? Trying to live according to the value system of the world!Most young people can’t make it today and it is a vanity and vexation to them. Drives them up a wall, they are ready to quit. Do you understand why? They are letting the world dictate their value system. Our families are a disaster because we are letting the world dictate our family values. Christian’s  have lost their joy and his service because he can’t make it, in a world that has gone haywire. You don’t have to live in that rat race.A young man went to his Mom and Dad and told them the Lord had called him to preach. They said, “Son, you have a promising career, I hate to see you waste your life.” That is the value system of the world. It’s a waste of your life to dedicate it to God, according to the world. If you will, come to God, and just let Him dictate your value system. You can get some relief from the rat race of the world. If you don’t know Him, you can be saved.  

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  1. Ed Moore and I have been friends for many years.Ed returned to N.C. after serving as a Pastor in South Wales.He is presently involved in a ministry to reach Roman Catholics and is an evangelist and Bible conference speaker.
    I have asked Ed to share his sermons with Hottubreligion.His sermons and style remind me of the late Vance Havner.He is original.His sermons are thought provoking,relevant and Doctrinally sound.
    If you glean something from Ed’s sermons,let him know at

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