David And Goliath in The S.C.Baptist State Convention

Editor of Baptist(generic news)Courier edits out two thirds of letter from the Editor of Baptist Co-Hear.Bill is not a Mason and therefore is given only “limited”space.

Branchville Baptist Church and Pastor Richard Porter are represenative of more than 1,100 Southern Baptist churches in S.C.It has been many years since we have had a pastor from a smaller churh elected as President of our S.C.Convention.

Richard will have a difficult time being elected.He is definetly the “underdog.”Because he represents the small church,he will be outnumbered,outrun,outspent,outclassed,outtalked,outmaneuvered,outflanked.and outside.

But there is hope for the underdog.Remeber the story of Funny Cide? He was a horse that nobody else wanted to bid on,bought for $25,000 split six ways by six retired men looking for a hobby,friends since high school who knew nothing about racing,who couldn’t sit in the owners’ box during the Kentucky Derby because there were so many of them,and when Funny Cide won,got lost trying to find the winners’circle.

Good for Funny Cide and hopefully..good for Richard Porter and churches, large and small.

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5 Comments on “David And Goliath in The S.C.Baptist State Convention”

  1. Quinn Hooks Says:

    It’s official, Bill. The Baptist Courier reports today,

    “Eddie Leopard, pastor of Millbrook Baptist church, Aiken, for the past 11 years, will be nominated for SCBC president. A graduate of Southeastern Baptist Seminary, Leopard previously served as first vice president in 2002. He also has been a member of the Executive Board and Nominations Committee and was a trustee of Charleston Southern University. In 2002, he was elected president of the South Carolina Baptist Pastor’s Conference.

    Wayne Dickard, pastor of Northbrook Baptist Church, Boiling Springs, will nominate Leopard.

    “Eddie Leopard is a gifted preacher and pulpiteer,” Dickard said in an Aug. 27 phone interview with The Baptist Courier. “He is committed to evangelism and church growth,” Dickard said, noting that Millbrook has raised its CP giving from 3 percent to 10 percent during his tenure as pastor. “In addition, the church has given more than $200,000 annually to other missions endeavors,” he added.”


  2. Quinn,
    On the day of the vote,Leopard is going to come riding in the audortorium on a WHITE HORSE declaring,”VOTE FOR ME,MY CHURCH IS BIG AND FOLKS SAY I’M GOOD LOOKING!!!!!”

  3. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Do you think he will have Perry Noble behind him riding a pale horse? LOL

  4. Perry can’t afford to buy a horse.The CP goal for New Spring this year is $650.00.As Perry would say, “ROCK ON!!!!!!!

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