Budgets,Buildings,Baptisims,Cuff links,Charisma,Charm and The “Conservative Caucus.”

When it comes time to elect a new President of  the South Carolina Baptist Convention,our convention suffers from the “Disease of Disparity.” For the last three years the men who were elected have served us well.I gladly supported them and went the second mile for Mike Moody and would do it again gladly.Wayne Dickard has been my close friend for twenty five years.

Surely many would agree,  that in all fairness ,it is time to elect a man(or woman)from another part of the state.It would be appropriate if this person came from one of our (smaller churches).

I want to appeal to Eddie Leopard and Tim Williams to consider withdrawing their  names for consideration.Why not give someone else a chance to serve as our State President?

It is unfortunate that unless you are the Pastor of a large church and wear fancy “cuff links”,you have little to no chance ofbeing elected in South Carolina.

Tim has been “chosen” by the “Conservative Caucus.”If you still have the letter sent out in June announcing their demise,you may nowknow that they have been resurrected.

Eddie has been anointed by Dr.Dickard and others in the upper part of the state.It is almost a pre-requisite that you speak in Boiling Springs or Conway to be elected in S.C.

Our Convention is made up for the most part of “smaller Churches.”It’s time that we elected someone different than the status quo.He may not Speak at Northbridge or Conway  or wear fancy cuff links,but he could very well wear the spirit of humility.

Don’t ever forget that glamour is not greatness;applause is not fame;prominence is not eminence.It is what the unimportant do that really counts and determines the course of history.The greatest forces in the universe are never spectacular.Summer showers are more effective than hurricans,but they get no publicity.The world would soon die but for the fidelity,loyalty,and consecration of those whose names are unhonored and unsung.(James.R.Sizoo).

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2 Comments on “Budgets,Buildings,Baptisims,Cuff links,Charisma,Charm and The “Conservative Caucus.””

  1. Steve Says:


    I just got caught up with your blog….you guys are insane!!!LOL. I don’t have the energy or time to know the real story in SCBC politics, so I count on you guys to give me the scoop. We just had some real breakthroughs at our church, so maybe now I can check into this political conflict…..NAAAAH!

  2. Bill Poore Says:

    Come over to Macedonia and help us.

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