Presidents’ salaries:

Georgia Tech President Wayne Clough,$251,747.

University of Georgia President Michael Adams,$242,655.

Medical College of Georgia President Dan Rahn,$235,735.

Chaminadue U.of Honolulu (Hawaii)Expenditures,$32-million;revenue:$44-million.Mary C.Wesselkamper,president,salary 2004-5-total compensation-$152,500.

Chapman U.(Calif).Expenditures:$184-million;revenue;$222-million.James L.Doti,president,Total compensation$399,646.

Charleston Southern U.(S.C.).



Jairey C.Hunter,president-total compensation


South Carolina Baptists contribute $2-million dollars a year to Charleston Southern U.One quarter of that goes to pay President Hunter’s salary.

Al Parish who recently swindled Charleston Southern U. out of $10-million dollars claims to suffer from (amnesia).

It is evident to me that the trustees of Charleston Southern U .suffer from (anemia) “weakness.”

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2 Comments on “Money!Money! Money!”

  1. Hans Wunch Says:
    May 7th, 2007 at 2:49 pm eI have not read what you have read about Dr. Hunter’s Salary. HOWEVER, I do know that 100% of the money that goes to CSU from the state convention is matched and goes to scholarships for SBC Students.

    I would also add, that Dr. Hunter is very approachable, and if you have a concern, I am sure he would be more than happy to talk with you about it. And after reading what you said about delayed compensation, I would agree that churches who promise one thing and do not deliver even after the pastor has held up his end are in error. That however does not have to (nor should it) extend to those who are working for SCBC.

    Grace and Peace to you,

  2. hottubreligion Says:
    May 13th, 2007 at 6:17 pm eThe loss of 10.6 million dollars to con-man-Al Parish will inevitably affect the students at CSU.I am quite sure that Dr.Hunter is as you say “approachable.”Why wouldn’t he be?All Christians should be accesible and approachable.
    Personally,I have no “concerns” with Dr. Hunter.If a board of trustees wanted to pay me well over a half of a million dollars a year,I would probally take it.My concern is with the board of trustees of CSU.
    Dr.Hunter was (approached) by a clown like figure of a man and now CSU has been swindled out of 10.6 million dollars.The board of trustees responded by giving Dr.Hunter a raise and their overwhelming vote of confidence.
    No school,church or denomination is immune from the problems that can arise when people behave in difficult ways.How we respond to the problems makes a difference between peace and disaster.South Carolina Baptists need leaders who will stand with poise and fidelity.
    There seems to be an unspoken rule among S.C.Bptists that we don’t talk about controversial issues.Because of that we do not form significant connections with one another.If you dare to resist the “good old boy “philosophy you are branded as a “resister.”
    When we try to squelch resistance,we threaten the very existence of the resisters.While it may be tempting to believe that battles have been won when resistance is gone,it is the give and take and interacting openly and with mutual respect that we become more mature and established in our mutual endeavors.


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