Lunch with Wunch:More with Poore.

Well it’s now official,Hans Wunch will be nominated for V.P. of the S.C.Baptist State Convention.

This has inspired me to allow my name to be considered for the same office.I had a special “called’meeting with me,myself and I about this important matter.Me said it was not a good idea and would not be prudent,but myself and I over-ruled me.Now the race is on.

Myself cautioned me and I that Wunch would be a formidable candidate.There is  a rumor that Wunch intends to go across the State inviting Pastors to “Do lunch with Wunch.”Wunch,like Jairey Hunter is known to be “approachable”,and “Accessible.”

In an effort to catch up with Wunch,I plan to travel the

State of S.C.,N.C.and Va.and have listening sessions called,”More with Poore.”

I have learned that Wunch already has three committed,confirmed votes in his favor,Porter,Hooks and Wunch.

I thankfully have four,Me,Myself,I and Chadwick Ivester(who still suffers from a head injury occured in a tragic rodeo accident yeads ago).

I do have one advantage over Wunch.If someone from Walterboro or Orangeburg nominates him…no one will be able to understand what they are saying and that will create mass confusion.

The overwhelming advantage that I have over Wunch  is that I plan to nominate myself.

After all,who knows Bill better that Me,Myself and I?I was humbled by what Me said to Myself and I.

Me said,”To know Bill is to love Bill and to love Bill is to VOTE FOR BILL…THERE IS MORE WITH POORE.

I am Bill Poore and I approve this message.I’ll see you in Nov.

PS.I just heard the Wunch had his first “Do lunch with Wunch”and invited his family and no one showed up.

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3 Comments on “Lunch with Wunch:More with Poore.”

  1. Hans Wunch Says:

    Bill Poore said “PS.I just heard the Wunch had his first “Do lunch with Wunch”and invited his family and no one showed up.”
    If that is the case, then I paid WAY TOO MUCH for my Wunch, er um… Lunch. Thanks for the laugh Bill!

  2. Hans,
    That means you have more votes than me.I was assured of at least 3 people who had planned to vote for me in Nov.Me,myself and I had promised to be there to support me,but I and me had an argument and now I only have myself.

  3. […] Bill took him to Ware Shoals to meet Hans Wunch. “We’ll have lunch with Wunch because I know he can’t possibly know Chadwick. When they pulled into Calvary’s parking […]

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