The Light of the world.

Matt.5:14-16..Ye are the light of the world….let your light so shine before men.

In his book If Winter Comes.A.S.M.Hutchinson has one of his characters (Mark Sabre)say a wonderful thing: “I tell you,Hapgood,that plumb down in the crypt and abyss of every man’s soul is a hunger,a craving for other food than this earthly stuff.And the churches know it;and instead of reaching down to him what he wants—-light—-instaed of that,they invite him to dancing and picture shows,and you’re a jolly good fellow,and religion’s a jolly fine thing and no spoil-sport,and all that latter-day tendency….He can get all that outside the churches and get it better.Light!Light!He wants light,Hapgood,and the padres come down and drink beer with him,and watch boxing matches with him,and sing music-hall songs with him,and dance jazz with him,and call it making religion a Living Thing in the Lives of the People.

Lift the hearts of the people to God,they say,by showing them that religion is not incompatible with having a jolly fine time.

And there’s no God there that a man can understand for him to be lifted up to

Hapgood,a man wouldn’t care what he had to give up,if he knew he was making for something inestimably precious.But he doesn’t know.Light,Light-thats what he wants;and the longer it’s withheld,the lower he’ll sink.”

What an indictment against the modern day emerging church.

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