Preachers and Ninth Grade English

There are certain grammatical errors that preachers and news reporters make  so often that they actually sound correct.

Jesus died for you and I.WRONG

Jesus died for you and me.RIGHT.

For is a preposition and requires the objective case…Me.not I.

None of us are perfect.WRONG

None of us is perfect.RIGHT.

None is singular and requires a singular,not are.

He gave the Bible to mother and I.WRONG

He gave the Bible to mother and me.Right.

Bill Poore,graduate of the ninth grade.

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4 Comments on “Preachers and Ninth Grade English”

  1. chadwick Says:


    Truthfully, you was right . . . but please stop picking on we illiterate preachers. I were about to tell you a thing or two, but thought it might not be too good. Therefore, I think I better stop while I ahead. Me and you need to talk about this offline so that reconciliation can be sought.


  2. Bill Poore Says:

    It is sad that you have chosen to trivialize such an important issue as proper grammar.Your youth and enthusiasm serves only to diminish the progress and maturity that many of us long to see in your life and ministry.Please let us humbly reach out to you in Christian love and enlighten you in ninth grade english rules and grammar.
    bp,graduate of ninth grade.

  3. Wanda Ewing Says:

    It’s so nice to see that SOMEONE that I know actually knows the rules of proper grammar. I jes’ CAINT unerstan’ sum peple sumtime!! I gradeated frum tenth grade (I’m not only good at my spellin’, but I’m good at my “times tables” too!)

  4. Rhett Says:

    Aww man!! Jus’ when I got to thinkin’ I had sum proper anglish going on, now you done went off and got me all cunfuzed agin… fiddle sticks!


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