The Masonic Lodge and the Church.



Gerald Carver’s response to the May 17 article on Freemasonry was excessively long and defensive in its content. I cannot remember the Courier allowing this much space for a letter. I hope that in the future everyone will be given the same courtesy.

Certainly no Christian should stand in judgment of the Masonic Lodge. However, Mr. Carver has given us more information than we need. In my opinion, the lodge should be the lodge and the church should be the church. It would be an absurdity for the Masonic Lodge to have a church recognition on its meeting night. It is also, in my opinion, wrong for a church to have a Masonic Lodge recognition on Sunday morning.

George Washington was indeed a Mason. The important thing to ask is was he a born-again Christian and an active church member?

A Baptist church can have any kind of recognition service that it is pleased to have. A Masonic Lodge has the same liberty. Those of us who believe that the two should remain separate are free to express our opinions. We do not need to be judgmental or defensive, regardless of our convictions. Let the Masonic Lodge be the lodge and let the church continue to be a light in a dark, decadent, depraved world that needs the Lord Jesus Christ.

Editor’s Note: Recent editions of the Courier have carried letters expressing opinions favorable to, and critical of, Freemasonry. The Courier believes that both viewpoints have been given adequate attention and no further letters on this issue will be published. — Editor

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