Preaching,Pacers,Pecking,Pounding and Proclaiming.

Perhaps three times a week the average preacher experiences discouragement.After preaching our heart out we see little  results and feel we have failed.No wonder John Ruskin defined preaching as “Thirty Minutes to Raise the Dead!”As another put it, “Our task is to get our people off their seat,on their feet and into the street.”

When the pastor stands(or sits) to preach he is attempting to communicate.Each speaker must develop his own style of communicating the word.

1.There are many of us who stand behind a pulpit(we don’t want to get too far from our notes).We may step to one side of the pulpit when we begin to notice folks nodding their heads and we are aware that there is a glazed look in their eyes.

2.Then there is the pastor who never moves from behind the pulpit and his eyes are constanly looking down at his notes and then looking up.We call this the “wood-pecker approach”,for obvious reasons.

3.Of course there is the ever present preacher that “paces” back and forth on the platform.He resembles a tiger in a cage or perhaps has the appearance of a “ping pong”ball in a pin pong game.At least you will stay awake while he is preaching,but your neck and tail will probally be sore on monday.Most folks like this kind of preacher and often brag that their pastor does not use sermon notes.They remind everyone who will listen that their former pastor was a “teacher”but this pastor is a “real fire-ball preacher.”

4.The pounding preacher is popular too.He also paces back and forth like a caged tiger,but he hollers a lot and pounds on the pulpit as he quickly passes by.One of his favorite loud expressions”  is”BLESS GOD!!’He likes for the people listening to say,AMEN!and if they don’t he will cuff his hand behind his ear and lean foward until someone nervously says,Amen.He tends to preach very long sermons.When he is through you are “numb”on one end and “dumb”on the other.

5.Now of course there is the poor fellow who sits on a stool.He doesen’t want to be above the people.He can make better eye contact sitting down(as Rick Warren told him to do).His parishoners say, “We really love our pastor,he tells interesting stories and gives funny illustrations.He don’t preach no doctrine ner nuthin.

6.My favorite method is to read a verse and holler.Read another verse and holler.Most people like that and they think you are spiritual because you are loud.

However you do it.Preach the word brother (or sister)

Shamgar had an oxgoat,/David had a sling,

Samson had a jawbone,Rahab had a string,

Mary had some oinment,Aaron had a rod,

Dorcas had a needle,And all were used for God.

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3 Comments on “Preaching,Pacers,Pecking,Pounding and Proclaiming.”

  1. chadwick Says:

    What about the Holy Grunt preachin’ style? You need to expound on that subject.


  2. The “Holy grunt”is better felt than telt.It is hard to desribe on paper.Any suggestions?

  3. Steve Says:

    I hadn’t heard of the Holy Grunt, but I did relate to all the others. I had labeled it “Sweaty and Loud” preaching for some time now, but a friend of mine said it would be nicer to call them “mountain preachers.” It fits and certainly sounds better too.

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