Pillsbury Doughboy Churches in The S.B.C.

If  The Emergent church movement in the Southern Baptist Convention grows any softer the SBC Symbol of the globe,cross and Bible will be replaced with a new symbol of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

For several years now the popular fad  has been  for the church to be “relevant”, “contemporary”, and “Non-traditional.”

“In an effort to be all things to all people many of  the “Senior”pastors of these churches are producing and propogating “pabulum sermons” lifted word for word from “Rick Warren’s “web sight.

Too many of these emerging,user friendly,contemporary, churches have become a spectacle of sensitivity,a gala of giggly good feeling,can’t we all just get along,offend no one and please everybody group.

In their desperate attempt to be different from boring traditional churches,the choir has been replaced with a rainbow-colored praise group that sings endless chourses and whose casual attire makes you long for the days of choir robes.

When the emergent pastor comes on the stage with his blue jeans on and his shirt tail hanging out it is more nauseating than a boat ride in “the perfect storm.”As he perches himself on a “stool”with a high teck screen behind him with 25 different translations of the Bible it will help you to listen and observe if you will take an extra strength dramamine.

There is a huge trap door waiting to open under anyone who is critical of the so called emergent church movement.If you denounce the shallowness of doctrinal preaching or question the compromise that is apparent in their desperate attempt to please everyone you are branded as unimportant and irrelevant.

Those of us who dare to uphold the doctrines of grace are labeled as egregious purveyors of falsehoods.In the opinion of many leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention we belong to the flat earth society.

I keep hearing these folks proclaim in a loud voice..We must change..not the “message”but the “methods.”Please,give me a break.A one-eyed monkey with half a brain can see clearly that the “message”has indeed changed drastically.

Go ahead and set the trap door for me but I find it hard to believe that we could possibly improve on the message and the methods in the book of Acts.

I am Bill Poore and I approve this message.

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