Church Covenant:Committment

Phil.3:16.Let us walk by the same rule.

Covenant:We engage,therefore,by the aid of the Holy Spirit to walk together in Christian love;to strive for the advancement of this church in knowledge,holiness,and comfort;to promote its prosperity and spirituality;to sustain its worship,ordinances,doctrines and discipline;to contribute cheerfully and regurally to the support of the minister,the expenses of the church,and the relief of the poor,and the spread of the gospel through all nations.

The Church covenant simply states what members of this church agreed to do.It sets forth in the light of the scriptures our duties to one another and to God and to our fellow man in light of the word of God.

Note the word “Engage.”It means Pledge,Promise,Guarantee,To Bind,To involve one’s self.

1.We engage….”To walk in love.”Love is a demand.John.15:12,17.The Holy Spirit enables us to do this.We will never walk together unless the Holy Spirit Enables us,Infuses us,Empowers us.There are some unlovely people.We don’t always act as we should.The command still comes to us..Love one another.He knows all about us and loves us anyhow.We know just a little bit about each other and we should love.Rom.5:5.We can love.

2.We Strive…It means to work,We pledge,We Promise that we will work for the advancement of this church.It means strenous effort.It means to labor,to labor earnestly.Are we..for this church and God’s work here?

(1)We are to strive in Prayer.Rom.15:30b.That you strive together with me in your prayers to God for me.

(2)We are to strive in Preaching.Rom.15:20a.Yea,so have I strived to preach the gospel,not where Christ was named.

(3)We are to strive together for the faith of the gospel.Phil.1:27b.Striving together for the faith of the gospel.

Lets work at defending the Faith,Preserving the Faith,Propogating the Faith.Thats how we can strive for the advancement of this church.

We are either striving for the advancement of this church or we are striving for the Retrenchment of it.To stive for the Advancement of the church means to be…Present..To Attend it.The church is not here unless you are here.This building is where the church meets.We have promised to strive for the Advancement of the church…By being Faithful.

Note in covenant it is “This”church.You cannot have two church homes.When you eat out at one restaurant,you don’t pay at another restaurant.You don’t do that.We are to put our interest,minds,bodies,here at this church.Be loyal to this church.

(4)Strive in Knowledge of God.Col.1:3-5,9,10.

In verses 3-5 they had Faith,Hope,and Love.But Paul prayed for them to have…Knowledge..9-10.We are to pray for Knowledge about God.We need to know the truth.We must continue in the Word.We Promised;we Pledged to do advance this church in spiritual Knowledge.we need to become disciples,learners of Jesus Christ.2.Tim.2:15.

(5) We pledged to Strive in Holiness.

Heb.12:14.Follow peace with all men,and holiness,without which no man shall see the Lord.

(a)We are to Pursue Holiness.12:14.

(b)We are to Practice Holiness.1 Pet.1:15.

(c)We are to Prize Holiness.2.Cor.7:1

(6)To strive together in comfort(covenant).Two meanings.

1.Physical Comfort.The church ought to be a comfortable place.It ought to be a clean place.Some churches look more like hog pens than churches.You can often tell the spiritual condition of a church by how it looks physically.Our attitude towards the things of God is reflected in theĀ house of God, in the pride we take in it,in the attention we give it,how we act when we go there,how we keep it clean,our deportment there.This is where the church meets.We ought to keep our house in order.The house of God should be a clean place,a friendly place,warm in the winter,cool in the summer.

2.Spiritual Comfort.2.Cor.1:3ff.We ought to come and find comfort among our brothers and sisters in Christ.The singing,the preaching should bring comfort.Comfort is found in the SAVIOUR,THE SCRIPTURES,THE SAINTS,THE SONGS.If there is no comfort there,the Holy Spirit is not there.

The church covenant.We promised to advance this church in every way possible that will edify the believer and glorify God.

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