let’s Covenant Together:The Baptist Church Covenant.Introduction.

Phil.2:2. “Let us walk by the same rule.”

Phil.3:15-16 “Let us mind the same thing.”

For many years the Standard Baptist Church Covenant has let people know where we stand.They need to know our position.

A man opened a fish market and hung out a sign that said,

“Fresh Fish For Sale Today.” He had a grand opening and invited all of his friends to come and many of them came.One friend said, “Why did you put the word TODAY  on that sign?Of course it’s TODAY.Thats understood.Why don’t you take the word TODAY off?”He did.Now it read,

“Fresh Fish For Sale.”Another friend said,”Why do you have the words FOR SALE  on your sign?Of course they are for sale.Thats why you are in business.Why don’t you just say, FRESH FISH?” So he took off the words “FOR SALE.”

Now the sign read,”FRESH FISH.”

Another friend said, “Why do you have the word FRESH  on your sign?Nobody is interested in buying ROTTEN FISH.Everybody understands that if you have a FISH STORE there ought to be FRESH FISH in there.So you really don’t need the word FRESH.”So he took te word FRESH off..and had only one word left and that was FISH.

Another friend said,”Why do you have that sign out there with the word FISH on it?Why don’t you take that sign down?Everybody knows its a FISH STORE.Why I smelled it a hundred yards away.You really don’t need that sign.”

So he took the sign down,His business dwindled before he ever got started and he went BANKRUPT.Now the moral of that story is this—You have got to take your  stand.You have to fly your FLAG and identify WHO you are and WHAT you are doing.”The church that trys to satisfy everyone ends up pleasing nobody.”We ought to put up a SIGN and stand by it.And thats what a Church Covenant is.

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