A Letter That I still Stand By One Year Later.

Reject ‘caucus’


An important page in Southern Baptist history was written as Frank Page was elected on the first ballot to be president of the SBC. In South Carolina, we are fortunate to have Dr. Don Wilton as the current president of the South Carolina State Convention. His zeal for missions and the proven record of Cooperative Program gifts through First Baptist Church is commendable and encouraging. When Dr. Wilton was nominated, no one had to make excuses or put a spin on the amount of money First Baptist gave through the Cooperative Program. How refreshing.

It is unfortunate, in my opinion, that several months before our convention in November, several pastors from all over South Carolina have met and have already decided who to nominate for president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Right before the convention in November, some South Carolina Baptist leader with appropriate notoriety will let it be known that, “after much prayer and soul-searching, God has impressed it upon my heart to nominate my good friend and fellow pastor to be the next president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.” If by chance the nominee’s church has a record of low percentage giving, we will hear of the multiple mission trips they have taken as well as other outreach ministries.

South Carolina Baptists should rise above the conservative “caucus” and pray that someone will be nominated who is qualified spiritually, educationally, and emotionally, but not a part of a group that would dare to meet several months before the November convention and choose who their candidate would be.

Surely there is someone who could be nominated and elected in November, even if he is not acceptable to a group of influential pastors and other important personalities who make up the “unofficial” inner circle of leadership within the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Hopefully, the majority of South Carolina Baptists in November will reject this exercise in ridiculous political absurdity. I know I will.

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