God is Crazy About Me—Really!

Here is the text on a church website that pretty much sums up the new evangelical gospel.

You are God’s Masterpiece! He is crazy about YOU! Really! God’s handiwork marks you. You were uniquely created. You’re no accident. Yes, God designed you with purpose and destiny! It’s our passion to introduce you to God’s love and amazing grace. Our goal is to set you on a course to discover the purposeful adventure God has for you.

This would explain why new visitors to this church get a free copy of the Purpose Driven Life instead of the Bible. This reminds me of the little chorus young children are taught in daycare and schools—a chorus now being lambasted by sociologists and behavioral experts because of the inherent narcissism it breeds…I am special,  I am special, look at me! Look at me!

By its website, it appears that it’s all about us at this church. Contrast that with this quote from Jonathan Edwards. Our message to the world is not that God adores us. The Gospel calls us to repent and adore Christ!

A sense of the beauty of Christ is the beginning of true saving faith in the life of a true convert. This is quite different from any vague feeling that Christ loves him or died for him. These sort of fuzzy feelings can cause a sort of love and joy, because the person feels a gratitude for escaping the punishment of their sin. In actual fact, these feelings are based on self-love, and not on a love for Christ at all. It is a sad thing that so many people are deluded by this false faith. On the other hand, a glimpse of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ causes in the heart a supreme genuine love for God. This is because the divine light shows the excellent loveliness of God’s nature. A love based on this is far, far above anything coming from self-love, which demons can have as well as men. The true love of God which comes from this sight of His beauty causes a spiritual and holy joy in the soul; a joy in God, and exulting in Him. There is no rejoicing in ourselves, but rather in God alone.

(Excerpt from Edwards’ sermon, True Grace Distinguished from the Experience of Devils)

Comments(1) Posted on June 5, 2007 by Ingrid

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