A Prosperous Church.1.Thess.1:1-10;Rev.3:14-22.

 Notes taken from Don Jennings series on the Church Covenant:Prosperity  does not necessarily mean spiritually.Cp.Rev.3:14ff.In verse 16 he said, “So then because thou art lukewarm,and neither cold nor hot:I will spue(vomit) thee out of my mouth.Why did he say that?

He does not want us to get the impression that the church that is neither hot or cold is the norm.He wants folks to see them for what they really are.If they are cold..then show it.Let people see where they will be warned and stay away.If they are hot,let people see it so they will be attracted to the fire.But for goodness sake,don’t be in the middle.Don’t be lukewarm.This church was prosperous but it was lukewarm.

They were prospering materially  but spiritually they were not prospering.v.17.They had an affluent attitude about the whole thing.They said, we are ok:Everything is alright.We’ve got all that we need.

When a church gets to that point there is only one hope and Jesus said it in v.19.REPENT,RETURN and be REVIVED!Thats the only thing that will save a church like this one in Rev.3.This church was prosperous but not in the right sense.

In First Thess. we see a church that is prosperous in the right sense.This is the kind of prosperity we ought to be promoting.

1.A prospering Church is an “EXCELLING CHURCH.”V.3.

They Excelled in their work of faith,labor of love and patience of hope.He talks about their work,their labor and their patience.He talks about their faith,love and hope.Here is a truly prosperous church.

(1)The had a faith that..worked.

(2)They had a love that..labored

(3)They had a patience..that produced steadfastness.

3.A prospering church is an “EXEMPLARY CHURCH.”V.7.A church that is prosperous becomes an example to everybody.

4.A prospering church is an “EXPORTING CHURCH.”V.8.

We have something to EXPORT.The church is not to be IMPORTING ALL THE TIME.We have something to EXPORT….The Gospel of Jesus Christ.that is traffic it,Ship it,Send it,Tell it,Broadcast it around the world.

5.A prospering church is an “EXHIBITING CHURCH.”v.9.

They exhibited the fact that their was a change in their lives when they came to Christ.Turned to God from idols.

6.A prospering church is an “EXPECTANT CHURCH”.V.10.And to wait for his Son…

This is a prosperous church.

(1)The work of faith is to turn to God from idols.v.9

(2)The labor of love is to serve the living and true God.v.9b

(3)The patience of hope is to wait for his Son.v.10

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One Comment on “A Prosperous Church.1.Thess.1:1-10;Rev.3:14-22.”

  1. chadwick Says:


    This is some rich stuff! Please continue to dish out the meat for us young preacher boys . . . your stuff is a lot richer than Ed Young Jr.’s . . . and you are giving your nuggets away . . . free of charge!

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