Get Ready!Get Ready! Get Ready!T.D.Jakes and Southern Baptists.

Why would Southern Baptist

 mega church pastor Ed Young Jr  associate himself with  and fellowship with T.D.Jakes?(Ed Young has invited Jakes to share his pulpit)in a leadership conference.

Young also chose another Word Faith heretic,Joyce Meyer to endorse one of his latest books.Meyer teaches that Christ did not finish His work on the cross but had to go to hell and be tormented by Satan before becoming the first “born again man.”T.D.(total depravity) Jakes is a very popular preacher and writer.

Many of T.D’s books have been on the best seller charts.The Bookstore Journal writes that Jakes has a gift for writing,indicating that the bishop “does almost all his own writing”and that he “attributes his engaging prose to divine inspiration.” (The bookstore Journal,Dec.1996,pg.59).

G.Richard Fisher rightly comments, “But the real question is not his popularity,but his commitment to the truth of Scripture.Is Jakes doctrinally sound?Does he teach the gospel in its purity?Is this “popular preacher”staying within historical orthodoxy or is he(and those he influences)moving away from the mainstream?(The Velcro bishop with another gospel).

Concerning the doctrine of the Trinity—T.D. is in full agreement with  the official teaching of the united Pentecostal Church International.”In distinction to the doctrine of the Trinity,the UPCI holds to a oneness view of God.It views the Trinitarian concept of God,that of God eternally existing as three distinct persons, as inadequate and a departure from the consistent and emphatic biblical revelation of God being one.Thus God is manifested as Father in creation and as The Father of the Son,in the Son of our redemption,and as the Holy Spirit in our regeneration.”(from is exactly what T.D.(Total Depravity) Jakes stated on his beliefs concerning the Trinity and what he believes concerning who God is.Richard Fisher relates that when Jakes was interviewed by Living by the Word on KKLA,hosted by John Coleman,Aug.23,1998,he was asked this question: “My first question would be,the Trinity would be defined as one God Who’s revealed Himself in three distinct Persons,each co-equal and co-eternal.How important is it for the believing Christian to hold to this belief?”T.D.Jakes response to this question was: “The Trinity,the term Trinity,is not a biblical term,to begin with.It’s a theological description for something that is so beyond human comprehension that I’m not sure that we can totally hold God to a numerical system.The Lord said, “Behold,O Israel,The Lord thy God is one,and beside Him there is no other.”When God got ready to make a man that looked like Him,He didn’t make three.He made one man.However,that one man had three parts.He has a body,soul and spirit.We have one God,but He is Father in creation,Son in redemption,and Holy Spirit in regeneration.”

Jakes in his book,”Loose That Man and Let Him Go”presents a distorted view of sin.He refers to immoral,lustful and sinful thinking as merely “little boy thoughts.”pg.5.Jakes refers to an adulterous man as a “frightened little boy”and a wife beater as a “terrified little boy.”pp123-124.

G.Richard Fisher in an article from,Personal Freedom Outreach refers to Jake’s book,Why?Because You Are Anointed where Jakes teaches a personal guidance system that s not only strange but misleading and fraught with problems of self-deception and outright manipulation of others.

Instead of telling people to follow the clear dictates of God’s Word(2.Tim.3:16-17),he leads people to follow confusing detours of inner impressions and guess work by others.Listen to his advice:

“God imparts to you a revelation of His plans for your life.That is how the vision begins.Then in some cases,God confirms that word he spoke personally to you through a prophecy given to you by another man or woman of God.”pg.43.

For more information on Jake’s doctrinal teachings,I would refer you to the official teachings of the UPCI web sight.Jakes is in agreement with these doctrines:

The following links provide Biblical refutations to the false and inaccurate teachings of the UPCI:

Refuting Oneness Pentecostal Doctrines and Teachings on

The Arminian( slipperly slope) teachings that Ed Young and other prominent Southern Baptists have chosen to follow can only lead to chaos and confusion in our convention.Bigger is not better.Just because it is popular and seems to work doesn’t make it right.Doctrine does really matter.We constantly hear the mantra, “We are changing the methods but the message is still the same.That sounds good and it may elicit some Amens,but it just isn’t true.Sadly,the methods and the message have indeed changed drastically.

According to Young’s link to Vision 2007,Jr has also yoked himself together in his March conference with heretics of the Word Faith Church such as Creflo$$$$$$Dollar,and the chief heretic of them all…the Grand daddy of false teaching,Dr.Frederick K.C.Price.(Evidently, Sweet Daddy Grace  and Katherin kulmin were not invited).

I agree with the writer Ken Silva who wrote in Apprising Ministries, “I think it’s now time for the SBC leaders to look into whether Ed Young even qualified to be a pastor of a Southern Baptist church if he cannot keep himself from bringing disrespect to the church of Jesus Christ.”

What Silva fails to understand is that Southern Baptist churches are autonomous and therefore the individual church is not accountable to Southern Baptist leaders.What pastors who are allowing false doctrine to creep inside their churches forget is that we are indeed accountable to God and His Word.Acts.20:28-29. Take heed therefore unto yourselves,and to all the flock,over which the Holy Spirit hath made you overseers,to fed the church of God,which he hath purchased with his own blood.For I know this,that after my departing shall griveous wolves enter in among you,not sparing the flock.

We would do well to heed the words of former SBC President Dr.James Merritt who said:Now I want to say this straight and I want to make it plain…I believe in local church autonomy…I don’t want any leader..any agency..any institution or any convention giving orders to my congregation but hear me and hear me well..the ocean of church autonomy stops at the shore of biblical authority.

Local autonomy without biblical authority becomes spiritual anarchy!My friend it is the height of spiritual callousness and theological hypocrisy to hide behind the skirt of local church autonomy or the priesthood of the believer while pretending that churches can do anything they want to do and believe anything they want to believe and still be a Baptist church.

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8 Comments on “Get Ready!Get Ready! Get Ready!T.D.Jakes and Southern Baptists.”

  1. David Thomas Says:

    Some of what you say is true… but to say that Jakes agree with UPC is not only misleading, it is absolutely false. The UPC hate Jakes because he disagrees with so much of what they teach…

  2. David Thomas Says:

    He doesn’t teach oneness anymore. Nor does he believe that salvation is based on water baptims which anyone who attends his meetings could tell you. he teaches justifcation by faith which is directly different from UPC theology. The only troubling thing for most trinitarians is his use of the ward manifestations as opposed to our more common use of three persons… The vast majority of your quotes are from 10 years ago or longer… so the information can be misleading…

  3. Yeah,and the Pope is a Southern Baptist.

  4. kijafa Says:

    My comments here in no way support or detract from TD Jakes. What I would reason to say is that whether we are Southern Baptist, Full Gospel, COGIC, etc…the message is Christ. Jesus says he is the way, the truth and the light. I don’t think it is wise to get into doctrinal spats when in fact Jesus came to teach about His Father and how we should live.

    The Pharisees, Saducees and the San Heathen Council put stipulations and interpretations on God’s word. When reading the Bible, while you and I may read a the same book, chapter and verse of the Bible, when God is speaking to us, it may take on a whole different meaning. The ultimate goal is for us to be led to Christ, live for Christ and reign with Christ. We must each work out our own salvation.

    It is my hope that whatever Minister, Pastor, etc, invites another preacher to his/her church or pulpit, that they would have sought the guidance of the Lord. It is not our place to judge, but to remain in prayer, that the WILL of God be done and not our will.

    To God Be the Glory

  5. Kijafa,
    Thanks for your comments.Exposing doctrinal error is not the equivelent of “doctrinal spats.”
    If you and I read the same book,chapter and verse of the Bible,we may come away with a different “application”,but you can be sure that there is only one interpretation and meaning of the passage.There will not be as you say a whole different meaning for either of us.One of us will be wrong.It may very well be me,but there is only one interpreation of the passage.

    The ultimate goal for believers is not only for Christ to rule and reign in our lives…but to walk it truth as it is revealed in Scripture.
    Ed Young can invite Mickey Mouse to speak at his church if he so desires.That is his buisness.I do not judge him or any other minister.I do regret that men like Young may influence young ministers to walk in error and that is a grave danger.I will not hesitate to continue to expose the exercises of ridiculous absurdities that are prevelant in the Emergent churc movement.
    Bill Poore.

  6. chadwick Says:


    There is one literal meaning to every text in the Holy Writ . . . a book that means anything is worth nothing. The text can NEVER have two meanings, only one. Accord to your logic, a stopsign can mean yield, speed-up, or swurve.

    Please remember this the next time you come to a train track intersection and you see the flashing red lights . . . I challenge you to ponder HOW MANY MEANINGS the flashing red light has!!! 😉


  7. kijafa Says:

    Chad, I think you misunderstood my point. Many messages can come from one scripture in the Bible. For example, Acts 3:1-6 talks about Peter and John seeing the lame man who begged for some money. One could talk about the gate leading to the temple, another about the man, and then another about the disciples. Each person with whom the message was delivered can be something different. It may talk about a revitalization in the man’s life, it could talk about the righteous indignation that Peter and John had, or it could talk about the Gate, an entrance into the temple and the significance of that Gate…the bottom line is that the message should still lead someone to Christ.

    Your analogy of a stop-sign is purely out of context, which in some cases, ministers can, do and have done to highlight a message. Now, that is not right. Living truth is coming into the knowledge and understanding of who Christ is. Proverbs 2:2-5 speaks about understanding and wisdom and knowledge, but you first must have Christ.

    I am sure, each of our parents have said something to us in a manner that on the surface did not make since. It was our “parents doctrine.” Does it make it wrong if your parent said it one way and mine another if the message was the same. The point is, while some biblical scholrars, theologians, etc, make literal use of each and every word of the Bible, it is still my point that Christ is the message you preach.

    The style and method, thats to each his own. I still believe that we lose or miss Christ when we start to bicker over how a person said something. For example, when the Jehovah Witness speak, the scriptural basis that totally changed the context of what they believe was “In the beginning was the word, the word was and the word was a God,” The basis of that simply denies the deity of Christ.

    While I will not get into a doctrinal tit-for-tat over religion. My point that I made and will stand on is Christ is the message we preach. It is up to us to seek and ask the Lord Jesus Christ for wisdom and knowledge as it relates to our own salvation.

    Be Blessed

  8. Rhett Says:

    Just found this:

    I have written on Modalism on my blog recently. T.D. Jake’s website still defines the Godhead in Modalistic terms. Until that changes to orthodox terminology with a public confession of his error, he’s a heretic in my book- no better than a Mormon or J.W.. There’s no reason for any orthodox Christian to share a pulpit with him. People can call me narrow minded, but I could care less…

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