Tribute To a Pastor:Rev.Ken Snead

One of the great experiences of a minister is the relationship he has with a fellow pastor.Such relationships are created by God and sustained by his grace.

My life was blessed by such a relationship wih Ken Snead.Ken,a friend,and fellow pastor passed away Thursday,May17.After minor surgey on Tuesday there were complications that proved to be fatal.

Please pray for Ken’s family,Debbie,Joanna,Christopher and Andrew.

On Sunday,May20,Hundreds of friends gathered at Calvary Baptist Church in Lancaster to bid farewell to Ken.Calvary Baptist Church was fortunate to have Ken as a member and fellow laborer in our church.

Whether he was speaking from the pulpit or teaching the men’s Bible class his message was always fresh,fervent,and filled with the power of God.Ken was an accomplished soloist and especially gifted in leading congregational singing during our worship hour.

Those who knew him well witnessed a consistency and constancy in his daily life.His conservative theology did not diminish his compassion for all people from all walks of life.

His family is blessed to know that Ken was “A man sent from God.”

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One Comment on “Tribute To a Pastor:Rev.Ken Snead”

  1. Delma Sawyer Says:

    Ken was truly a christian gentleman with a quiet manner and a great smile for everyone. Our sunday school class really enjoyed him being our teacher and we grew to love him.His many talents will be missed by everyone at Calvary Baptist Church, and we will keep Debbie and the children in our prayers and thoughts.

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