Life Way and Unlimited Atonement.

Terry Ellis wrote the lessons on First and Second Peter for this quarter’s Explore the Bible:Adult Commentary.

The lesson for the week of May 20 is Spiritual Error Is Rampant.2.Peter2:1-22.While studying my lesson(I teach an adult men’s class)I was somewhat dismayed(but not surprised)that Ellis took an opportunity to promote the popular view of the unlimited atonement.

Ellis said this of 2.Peter2:1.But there were false prophets also among the people,even as there shall be false teachers among you,who in secret shall bring damanable heresies,even denying the Lord who bought them,and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

Ellis writes,The more likely explanation is that the phrase refers to the unlimited atonement that Jesus bought and offered to all people.Through his death and resurrection Jesus made salvation available for everyone.Even the false teachers were bought by the blood of Christ.However,they had never accepted the gift of grace and thus never were Christians in the first place.This interpretation fits well Peter’s view of the atonement stated elsewhere(1Peter.3:9).

Ellis fails to see and understand that this verse has nothing to do with the extent of the atonement.There is nothing in the CONTEXT to WARRENT THAT.

Rather Peter is exposing  the sac-religious link to which these false teachers will go to deny the Sovereign Lordship of the Master they claim they are serving.According to Ellis and all Arminian salvation is already theirs…even false teachers in 1.Peter.2:1.

This raises serious questions:

If the Atonement covers everybody,then why does God send unbelivers to hell if their sins have already been paid for?

Why would Jesus say in John.3:18..He that believeth not is condemned already?

If salvation is for everybody on an equal basis..those in heaven accepted the gift and those in  hell did not.

If the atonement is unlimited and its acceptance is at the mercy and will of the sinner..then the atonement is limited in its power and in its effect.This error in doctrine teaches that Jesus died for everyone POTENTIALLY but no one SPECIFICALLY.The problem with that is this..If God’s wraft was satisified on the cross for ALL MANKIND,Why should ANYONE be condemned?

If you believe in an unlimited atonement then Jesus’atonement was not an actual specific atonement but it was a general atonement for all would would accept it or reject it.He did not purchase salvation for anyone in particular—He only removed some kind of spiritual barrier to make salvation possible.Therefore since most people will reject Christ and will be damned His atonement was basically useless.When He said on the cross…It is finished..He should have said,It has begun.It is now a POSSIBILITY.Salvation is now a POTENTIAL.The option of salvation is now AVAILABLE. In this system of(doctrinal error) it is the sinner,not a Sovereign God who determines the extent of the atonement.

If this is true then Christ’s atoning work is incapable of saving anyone unless you allow Him to do so by co-operating.You have to do something to   complete it.How can someone who is  spiritually dead possibly do anything??

Armenians distance themselves from a Sovereign God who would choose.The cry loudly..that is unfair!They fail to see that it is unfair that he would die to save any one.

Christ died for the elect.Not one drop of  blood that Christ shed was shed in vain.

An unlimited atonement that is incapable of saving all sinners from God’s wraft is no atonement at all.It is a deficient atonement.Christ died for all he had chosen in eternity past.The atonement is limited to those alone.

Salvation is not a helpless potential waiting for sinners to choose.Salvation is not some spiritual possibility.

Salvation is a definite reality for God’s chosen ones(his sheep).

Salvation is actual..not a potential for those who will believe.

John.6:37,44;Rom.9:16;2.Thess.2:13..God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.

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