Soul:Word Pictures.Thomas Watson

Luke.1:46.And Mary said,my soul doeth magnify the Lord.(my soul)my whole being,the whole of Mary.Her whole heart is in it.Being a Christian is not just in your mind,but also in your affections.Mary has a heart felt religion.

Thomas Watson defines and illustrates the meaning of the soul.

The soul is a sparkling diamond set in a ring of clay.The soul is the bird of paradise that sours aloft;it may be compared to the wings of the cherubim,it has a winged swiftness to fly to heaven.The soul is capable of communion with God and angels.The soul is God’s house He has made to dwell in.The understanding,will and affections are the three stories in this house.What pity is it that this goodly building should be let out,and the devil become tenant in it.

The soul is a glass wherein some rays of divine glory shine,and much of God is to be seen in it.Though this glass be cracked by the fall,yet it shall one day be perfect;we read of spirits of just men made perfect(Heb.12:23).The soul since the fall of Adam,may be compared to the moon in its conjunction,very much obscured by sin;but when it is sanctified by the Spirit,and translated from there,it shall be as the moon in the full,shining forth in its perfect glory.

There are two sorts of persons that abuse souls.

Firstly,they degrade their souls that set the world above their souls;’Who pant after the dust of the earth.'(Amos.2:7).As if a man’s house were on fire,and he should take care to preserve the lumber,but let his child be burnt in the fire.

Secondly,they abuse their souls that sell their souls.The covetous person sell his soul for money.As it is said of the lawyer,he hath a tongue that will be sold for a fee,so the covetous man has a soul that he is to be set for money.Achan did sell his soul for a wedge of gold.Judas did sell his soul for silver;Judas sold cheap pennyworths;for thirty pieces of silver he did sell Christ,who was more worth than heaven and his own soul which was more worth than a world!How many have damned their souls with money? (1.Tim.6:9-10).

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