The Spin on Hunter’s salary:$514,352 for 2004-05.

When Jairey Hunter came to C.S.U.(then Baptist College)over 20 years ago….here is the SPIN.. the school was in “financial bondage”This explains the de-ferred part of his pay package.

I only wish that we could get the trustees of C.S.U. to go to some of our churches in S.C. and explain this deferred pay deal to the deacons and finance committees.

Just the other day I had lunch with a pastor and his church(though financially able does not pay his health insurance).

Many pastors have gone to churches in “financial bondage”,helped the church recover and never reaped the benefits of a big salary and deferred pay.

What the trustees have allowed at the very height of hypocrisy.It reeks of the “good old boy ” philosophy and the “spin”is only beginning.

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