The Kind Of Pastor This Church Needs.


Introduction.John–a man sent from God.

Every church would do well to remeber 3 things about John that should apply to every pastor.

(1)There was a

John was not some Heavenly Emmisary sent from the throne room of God.The record clearly states..there was a man.

(2)Though John was just a man..He was “sent” from God.v.6.

(3)He was  sent to bear witness of the light.v.7.

A.Because the Pastor is a man,he will have faults and failings and at times need forgiveness.

B.Remember that he has been sent from God…therefore he deserves your respect.

C.He has been sent to bear witness of the Light.

In the book of Revelation,chapter 2,the pastor is referred to as a star.2:1.The church is called a Candlestick.A Candlestick  DOES NOT GIVE holds the light up.Jesus is teaching that the church (candle stick)is to hold up the (star,light,messenger,pastor)then God will be glorified and the church and the pastor will be fulfilling God’s plan.

Three words  describe the pastor.

(1)Elder.Titus.1:5.Emphasizes the pastor’s maturity.

(2)Bishop.1.Tim.3:1.Emphasizes the pastor’s authority.

(3)Pastor,under shepherd emphasizes the pastor’s duty.

AS Bishop he is to protect the flock.Acts.20:28.

As an Elder he is to lead the flock.Heb.13:7,17,24.

As a pastor he is to  feed the flock.John.21:15-16

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