Puritan Thomas Watson:Zeal

Matt.11:12.Now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence,and the violent take it by force.

From,”Heaven taken by storm.Thomas Watson.”

The Kingdom of heaven will not be taken without violence.Why is that?Heaven is inherited by violence. (From a military perspective).Christ is our Captain.The Cross is our banner.

The right way to get into heaven is by a storm or thus none get into heaven but violent ones.

What is it that we do that takes the Kingdom of Heaven by force?

1.What it does not mean.

(1)We are not to be violent with things unknown to us.Acts.17:23.Unknown God.It has to be something tangible..known to us.

(2)This violence excludes bodily harm.Not to lay hands on someone ..to hurt.

2.What does it mean?Within the context of holy violence..it means.

(1)Being violent for the truth.

The reason so many have been tricked into error is they did not KNOW or did not LOVE the truth.


The Christian is to be violent after the truth..Striving after the truth..taking it by force.

(2)It means being violent for our own salvation.

What shall it profit if you gain the world and lose your soul?No profit!It means making our calling and election sure.

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