Con artists and Greed.Al Parish and C.S.U.

Al Parish taught and headed up the Center  for Economic Forecasting at Charleston Southern University.

Parish wore cartoon-print jackets custom made sweat pants and drove a jaguar automobile with jaguar spots painted on the top(who wouldn’t want to invest $10.6-million with this financial wizard?)

There are several questions that the chairman of the board of trustees of C.S.U and Predisent Hunter should answer:

1.Why did a “red” flag not go up when Parish was promising investors returns of 30 per-cent and more?(If it sounds too good to be true it is).

2.Before investing $10.6 million,a third of its endowment with this “clown”like figure,why didn’t the president and chairman not know that Parish was not licensed with the Securities Exchange Commission to trade securities for other people.

3 Why should the students (the real victims of this debacle)…more than 600 have the loss of their scholarship money threatened?

Con artists victimize “greedy” people.C.S.U. has been victimized and embarrassed by a secretive,manipulative,outlandish outrageous,cartoon like character.

The real losers are South Carolina Baptists and the students at C.S.U.

Someone needs to be taken to the “wood shed”and its not Al Parish.The federal Government will deal with him.

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