Comparatively Speaking:Austin-Hunter

Jim Austin,the new executive director of the South Carolina Baptist Convention will have the awsome responsibility of serving and leading more than 100 employees in the Baptist Building.Jim will also be the leader of 750,000 Southern Baptist in South Carolina.

One thing is absolutely certain..Jim did not take the job for the money(,$155,000.)

Jim,I only wish that the trustees of Charleston Southern could have had a “voice”concerning your salary.

Your responsibilities will match Jairey Hunter’s and you will  face many more challenges,(Hunter works with students,you will work with pastors,an almost impossible task).

When comparing the salaries of Austin and Hunter,parity seems to have vanished.

President Hunter makes more than President Bush,


Jim Austin–$155,000

Hunter makes more than President Bush.

Austin makes far less than President Hunter.

But there is “Good News”,The President of Chesnut Hill College (Pa.)Sister Carol Jean Vale,president makes$0,but she’s a Nun.

Well,S.C.Baptists we did O.K.,Jim Austin’s salary is well below Jairey Hunter’s salary but it is more thanPresident Sister Carol Jean Vale’s.

When Jim leaves..Perhaps we could extend a call to Sister Carol Jean as our executive director.Then we would have more money to pay the president of Charleston Southern U.

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