The “Journey” and the Emerging Church.

The “hot” topic question in recent years has been,”What does it mean to be a church today in a Post-modern culture?”

Too many times I’ve heard these kind of statements from “cool” denominational leaders.

People who move from the North to the South and the “unchurched” are not interested in hearing about “heaven”or “hell.” (even though one day  they will be in one of those  comment).

We must meet these people where they are and as they are on their “journey.”(journey is the buzz word..meaning don’t dare confront them with the claims of sin and the demands of Jesus to repent.Just journey with them on their journey.(Hopefully they will not be killed on the way home from a “fuzzy wuzzy”feel good sermon and in up in that place called “hell “that they were not interested in hearing about.For them the “journey”is over).

Jesus never caught on to this “journey”business.

When he met the woman at the well(John.4) she was ready to sign on the dotted line for the Water of Life..but Jesus said,”Go call thy husband and come hither.John.4:16.What did Jesus do?He assserted His Sovereign right to go to the very citadel of this woman’e sinful life and demand the radical cleavage with her entire way of life.

If this woman was going to come to Jesus for the Water of Life there was going to have to be some radical changes.She would have to subject herself to His commands and demands even when they entered into the secret recesses of her life.

Salvation was offered free in the context of her willingness to face the fact that from now on she would no longer drink from those muddy wells.

Now we can accept and practise the Jesus method or we can align ourselves with the “journey boys”who prefer:

The non-traditional to the tradional.

Dialog to declaration.

Images to words.

Stories to doctrine

Building the Kingdom Of God right here and right now  instead of the life to come.

In my humble(but correct opinion)The journey boys)philosopy of ministry have more questions than answers and they value authenticity more than absolutes.

(suggested reading, “How Jesus won persons,DelosMiles).

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