Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well, “God is Spirit,and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth”(Jn.4:24).This verse defines a kind of worship that is a far cry from what many-perhaps most-churches experience on Sunday mornings.

Most of what we call “worship,”whether preaching or singing,is really just entertainment designed to make the flesh feel good.Thats what many churchgoers are looking for.They run from church to church hunting the elusive “warm fuzzy.” As long as the music of the choir or soloist sends a tingle up their spines,or as long as the preacher’s sermon lifts them up and makes them feel good about themselves,they are fine.They hang around as long as it lasts.Sooner or later,however,something will happen to make them feel uncomfortable again,and off they will go to another place,looking for a fresh dose of “Dr.Feel-Good.”

No church likes to lose members,so it is easy for pastors and other leadership to give in to the temptation to appeal to the flesh in order to keep people coming.Instead of preaching sermons that will convict,challenge,and change worshipers,pastors opt for messages that will stroke egos,entertain,and make minimial demands on those listening.We spend our “worship”time entertaining the flesh instead of seeking the face of God.

God has so much more for us than that.He has promised in Hi s Word that those who diligently seek Him will find Him(Jer.29:13)Like the Canaanite woman who was satisfied with the crumbs from Jesus’ table(Matt.15:22-28),many of us come to church Sunday after Sunday content to get just the  “leftovers” of God’s glory.As long as we are satisfied to feed our flesh with the crumbs,we will miss out on the feast that God has prepared for us.Moving beyond the entertainment of the flesh into obedience to God and seeking His face will lead us to the banquet table.


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