Somebody Said it!

From The Southern Christian Advocate,March 1944. Gossip and Idle talk.

Henry Emerson Fosdick writes in “Adventurous Religion” of an inmate of an insane asylum who could be kept quiet only by hearing something tear.They used to give her pieces of old silk and she would sit by the hour contentedly listening to them rip.

The gossip pulls reputation to pieces,contentedly listening to them rip.

Laura E.Richards has a clever fable on this subject:-A man was complaining of his neighbor. “I never saw such a wretched set of people,”he said, “as are in this village.They are mean,selfish,greedy of gain,careless of the needs of others.Worst of all,they are forever speaking evil of one another.”

“Is it really so?” asked an angel who happened to be walking with him. “It is indeed!” said the man! “Why,only look at this fellow coming towards us.I know his face,though I canot tell you his name.See his little sharp,cruel eyes,darting here and there like a ferret’s,and the lines of covetousness about his mouth! The very droop of his shoulders is mean and cringing,and he slinks along instead of walking.”

“It is very clever of you to see all this,”said the angel, “but there is one thing which you do not perceive.”

“What is that?”asked the man.

“Why,that is a looking glass we are approaching,”said the angel.

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