Big John’s Comimg

Perspective on Problems.

A very small meek  man was hired as a bartender in the old west.The saloon owner advised him…if you ever hear that “Big John” is coming to town,drop everything and run for your life.The Bartender worked for six months with no problems.

Then one day a cowboy rushed in shouting, “Big John’s a coming!!”In his hurry to get out,he knocked the small bartender to the floor.Before the bartender could recover,in came a giant of a man with a black bushy beard.He road in through the swinging doors on the back of a buffalo using a rattle snake for a whip.The man tore the doors off the hinges,knocked over the tables and slung the rattle snake into the corner.”Gimme a drink”he yelled as he split the bar in half with a pound of his massive fist.

The bartender nervously pushed a bottle toward the man.He  bit off the top of the glass bottle with his teeth and chugged the contents in one gulp and turned to leave.Realizing that the man wasn’t hurting anyone,the bartender asked him if he would like another drink.

Ain’t got  no time the man roared.Big John’s a coming to town!!

No matter how big a problem you’re facing today,there could always be a bigger one around the corner.

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