Sometimes Mountains Move:Grief and the Sovereignty of God

Patsy and I received a phone call on Jan.19 late at night that changed our lives forever.Seon mi our daughter in law called from South Korea to tell us that Jay,our oldest son,had died from an acute heart attack one day before his 33rd birthday.Patsy and I had been to their home in September and he appeared to be in excellent health.He and Seon mi were the proud parents of their first child,Haley,6 months old.Jay loved his family and was an English teacher and principal of a private school there.

While our grief has been painful and nearly unbearable,God’s grace has been sufficient.

Several books have been a source of strength to me in recent months. The Psalms have helped me to trust God when I could not find Him.Several books by Philip Yancy have have helped me when I was in a state of “controlled panic.”Ron Dunn’s book, When Heaven is Silent,proved to be a blessing.Then Quiet by accident I came across a book (out of print)by C.Everett and Elizabeth Koop called, “Sometimes Mountains Move.”Sometimes Mountains move is a journal of one Christian family’s ordeal with death-the loss of their twenty-year-old son while mountain climbing.

“Is the grace of God sufficient at a time like this and under these circumstances?”write C.Everett and Elizabeth Koop.”Your gentle son,presumed dead,tied to the sheer face of a cliff hundreds of feet above the valley floor,the tempature below freezing,and the only person who could possibly shed any light on the matter lying under sedation in a hospital.Yes,the grace of God was sufficient…”Here is a sensitive chronicle of faith amid despair,in the tradition of C.S.Lewis’s.A Grief Observed.

Koop writes,It was ten weeks after David died when his Bible came into our hands.His book mark was in Jude.We opened his Bible and read the last thing that he had read”And now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling…”God was able,but in His sovereignty He chose not to.

Many thanks  to the Koops for helping the Poore’s to trust an all sufficient,sovereign God.

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2 Comments on “Sometimes Mountains Move:Grief and the Sovereignty of God”

  1. Wanda Ewing Says:

    I also read “When Heaven is Silent” by Ron Dunn. It was a blessing to me about 6 years ago as well.

  2. I have often looked and wondered about the book, Sometimes Mountains Move. At least 20 years ago we were on vacation with the family. Usually I would read aloud to my husband while we would drive as far as we could at night while the kids slept in the back seat. We were out of reading and picked up a little book at a little local store..kind of an off the beaten path store and town. It was by Koop and we liked him so we bought it for perhaps a buck or two. I read it out loud to my husband and could not stop. We were both crying. We always agreed that book was one of the sweetest books that we have ever read and since then have never seen or heard of the book. I would love a copy or a case of copies to pass out to dear people.
    I also notice that Ron Dunn’s book is mentioned. My husband and I were at Billy Graham’s Cove for a ministers’ conference several years ago during a very trying time of our life when Dr. Dunn was the speaker, again he was so real and so open before the LORD. His first son had already died and they almost had not made it to the conference because of sad issues the week-end before the conference regarding his second son. I have not read the book, but I can confirm that God had done a major work in his life.

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